Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are home and it feels great! I love my house and it is so nice to be back and settled in...We love taking runs and walks in our neighborhood. We head to the new temple and back or around the lake. Here we are just taking a sunday stroll... Roman is always happy to hang out in the stroller...just not for long-he was out of there right after this picture was taken.
And this is Capri taking a rest after our long walk:

Monday, May 18, 2009

7 Years and Counting...

Happy Anniversary to us! May 15th, 2009 marked 7 years of marriage and being ridiculously happy for Tucker and I. Yes we have been through it all, the ups and downs that life brings, but I couldn't imagine anyone I would rather go through it with. Tucker is an incredible husband and an even better father. I love him now more than ever and knowing that our companionship is forever makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
Check us out on our fabulous day...

Here's to another great year!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Final Goodbye...

I know I just posted about our family starting a "new chapter" back here in Utah, but I wanted to create a post depicting our favorite things about our life in California. There were too many pictures and many things I didn't even get pictures of, but here is a few. Oh, and I split them up into different segments so make sure to keep scrolling down!

The Beach

One of the best things about San Diego was definitely the beach. I love everything about the beach, the sound of the ocean, the beautiful scenery, and the feel of sand beneath my toes. It was also the perfect place to take a stroll or run, provide an afternoon of easy entertainment for the kids (well, except for Capri who doesn't like to be barefoot in the sand or too close to the loud waves-sad, I know!), and just enjoy what Mother Nature had to offer. We will surely miss Grandview and Moonlight Beach.
Knowing we would be leaving for Utah within the week, we took the kids for one last trip for some play and picture taking...
The only way we could get these two to cooperate was to give them treats which is why both their mouths are closed!Capri and her Daddy:Me and my girl:The boys:Roman would play in the ocean all day if he could. He absolutely loves the waves and the rush of the water in and out!Capri stayed put on the towels to dig in the sand and eat some snacks:Don't you love how she is right at the edge of the towel so she can keep her feet off the sand while digging?!Saying goodbye...

Aviara Park

Every Wednesday around 11:00am, the girls would get together with their kids at Aviara Park. It was only a few minutes away and had everything a kid could want, which was great when you have a bunch of us friends wanting to talk! I would always bring the kid's lunches and just stay until it was time for their naps-the perfect way to wear them out! Unfortunately, I never brought my camera to take pictures of all of us until the last day. I know, nothing like waiting til the last minute to capture memories! Here are a few of our friends:
This is Cayman and one of the cutest boys ever...seriously, don't be surprised if I name one of my boys after this little guy!Emma and Savannah were having too much fun on this dolphin and I have the pictures to prove it!Shenda and sweet little Rain-don't worry, they weren't nearly as rowdy as the two pictured above. :)Cayman and his mommy Rhandi-can't wait for you guys to get here!!!Darcy and one of our newest additions, Jackson. He was such a smiler and yet got a bit camera shy!I had to document Roman's favorite thing-the slide!I think he seems pretty happy!Capri's favorite is definitely the swings and could stay swinging for over an hour. Here she is saying, "Look mom, no hands!"She seems pretty happy too!


I am really going to miss my girls. They were so sweet to put together a last-minute GNO before I left and I was thrilled I didn't start crying. Take a look at these honeys...
Dining out at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza...yummy!I think Kathy was seriously jealous of Darcy's sundae, but don't worry, Darcy decided to share. :)Yes, all of these girls are married, sorry!The whole gang! I really feel so lucky to have met these awesome girls and to have become such fast friends. I loved our weekly outings to the park, monthly GNOs, monthly book clubs, and random trips to the Barnes and Noble. I love you all and seriously can't wait to see you again. PALM SPRINGS BABY!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hangin' Out In Our Backyard...

Nothing better than your own backyardy, right? Well, this is yet another piece of California I was sad to leave. However, we did make some great memories to look back on!
Roman loved to sneak back to the fountain in the courtyard and play in the water, but I caught him this time!
Capri has a new found love of bugs so she was sitting on the ground trying to find some to play with:Roman near the sweet fire pit and waterfall/pond (that we never turned on due to my insane paranoia of my kids falling in):
Tucker cooking something up on the BBQ-is he a man's man or what?!
I love this picture because it shows how much these kids love each other with Capri pushing Roman along:
"I'm just going to take the scooter out for a my tutu!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Chapter

Wow, it has been quite a month! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but due to the packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, organizing, yardwork and of course the usual parenting, I have been BUSY!
So let's start with the obvious, we have moved back to Utah. Our adventure in San Diego had come to an end as the start-up company Tucker and my dad were involved with simply ran out of money. Bummer, huge bummer. I knew Tucker would be able to get another job soon, but I was devastated to think we had to leave such a perfect place (I know, where are my priorities?). I loved my friends (and still do), our ward, our neighborhood, the house, the pool, the beach, the weather, and of course, our Trader Joe's and Rubios within a 5 minute walk. Needless to say, it was fabulous and I will definitely miss it.
On the other hand, I am excited to be back in my home, with the rest of our family, with old friends and starting a new adventure. We are all settled in and getting into a routine and I am loving every bit of it...except for the part where my kids refuse to sleep in this new place, but I am hoping that will change here soon!