Friday, August 29, 2014

March Memories

March was good to us. I took the girls to Disney On Ice, held a baby shower for Cheri, watched Capri perform, went to the park, and finished up ski lessons. Busy as always, but good...
Disney On Ice
Cheri, Annelise and I decided to take the girls to Disney On Ice. It was right around Karoline's birthday so it was a great excuse to something extra special. Susie, Isla and Drew joined in on the fun as well. The girls were so excited! They were excited to dress up, go out on the town, and, of course, to see the show. We met up at California Pizza Kitchen and then walked over to the Energy Solutions Arena. On our way, the girls were holding hands, skipping and singing the whole way. It was the cutest thing ever. We had such a great time watching the show, eating cotton candy and popcorn, and enjoying this perfect date night with our girls.

Cheri's Shower
Whenever a friend of ours is having a baby, we plan a small "shower." Really it's just a reason to get together, eat yummy food, chat about anything and everything baby, and give needed baby items, usually diapers. Annelise and Katie, however, always have something amazing the sewed or knitted themselves. It's probably one of my favorite parts of the shower, just seeing what they have created! I planned Cheri's and it turned out to be so much fun! We ate at Zupa's for dinner and then went to my house for dessert. I failed miserably in taking pictures but this is what I did get:
Our honored mother-to-be Cheri!
Cheri loves German Chocolate Cake and our friend Eliza makes the best. I got her recipe and gave it a try...I think it turned out...
Here are the sandals that Katie made for baby girl die for.
Capri's Performance:
Capri's Peep group performed at a dance competition and they looked fabulous! I absolutely beam with pride as I watch Capri dance. She is such a beautiful ballerina and she doesn't even know it. The best part is seeing how much she loves it. As shy as Capri is, she is such a performer on stage.
My mom was so nice to come as it was a very long day...I don't think we are the "competition type!"
Me and my girl...
My kiddos loving the park:
So happy to see some nice weather! We know it will snow again, but we will hit the park while we can!
Keith's Night
Keith was inducted into the Utah Tennis Hall of Fame! Incredible! We got to attend his induction ceremony held at the Cottonwood Country Club. Tiffany and Tyler flew in for the special night and it was worth the trip. I learned so much about Keith's tennis career and it was truly impressive!
Clara's Cuteness in the Tub
Clara loves the tub, absolutely loves it! As soon as I bring her into the bathroom, she stands up to the faucet and waits for me to start filling up the tub. Once she gets it, she splashes, rolls onto her tummy, splashes some more, and plays with her toys. I can't resist the pinching of that bum...

That's a wrap for March!

1st Trip of the Season to Hogle Zoo

I think it must have been in the 60's and we thought, "Perfect! We can be outside at the zoo!" After a long winter, 60 degrees feels pretty darn good in March. Everyone else must have felt the same way because there were plenty of people there to enjoy the animals. It turned out to be such fun and needed day out...

My kids favorite spot at the zoo-on the trunk of the elephant that sprays!

Say Cheese Clara!

Elizabeth was hard at work once again for me! She took these beyond adorable pictures of Clara at 9 months old. Her backdrops couldn't have been more perfect for the outfits I picked out and her skills show through in these fabulous shots...

Clara 6-9 months

Clara's personality is bursting through and there's nothing we don't like! She has got to be the happiest baby! All you need to do is smile at her and she will give you her bright smile, big eyes, kicking legs, and rolling hands, she gets her whole body into it! My dad can't get over it and just laughs as she reacts to a simple hello. He often calls her Happy by name.
She is chubbier than ever and is now being called Little Miss Chub Chub by her siblings, Koko especially. The rolls on her back, the thunder thighs, the roly-poly hands…yum.

Clara has all sorts of new tricks now. She sits up like a champ, waves her hands when she wants you to pick her up, does the "lean" when she wants you to put her down or give her to someone else, is eating solids, and just recently started clapping! The clapping is to die for. Roman and Capri were playing with her and got her to clap first. We gave her such a big reaction that she thought it was so great and kept going. She has a shoulder army crawl but mostly rolls around. It's hilarious. She even turns directions or changes sides to get where she needs to go.
I feel desperate to savor this time with her. It's going by all too fast and I just can't get enough of it. Love you Clara Jane!
Stats from her 9 month check-up:

Nothing better than my baby girl asleep on my chest...
Sucking her little chubby thumb...
Took some 8 month sticker pictures:
My happy girl!
I love to eat those yummy toes...
Her 9 month check-up was a success!
This girl runs lots of errands with mommy and she seems happy to do so.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My little Koko is 4!

I can't say it enough, my kids are growing up too fast. My little Karoline is 4 years old and I just can't believe it. This ray of sunshine beats to her own drum and brings me so much joy. She is my buddy as much as she would rather be with her brother and sister. I love her to pieces.
We had a family party to celebrate. Koko doesn't like princesses or anything "themed" so we went with a bright rainbow party in hopes that Spring will soon be here.
Getting ready...

 I love all of these girls so much it hurts!
It was so fun to have Tiffany in town and my side of the family all there to party. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of our guests! You will have to keep looking at this cute girl waiting to blow out her candles:
 It was just the perfect little party for my perfect little...but getting bigger...girl.

St. George with the Nielsons

Lexy was performing in St. George so it was the perfect excuse to head down for the weekend and enjoy some warmer weather. Tucker's family took us down and we all stayed at the Hampton. Karoline was so confused why we weren't at "St. George" like we said. She still thinks at my parent's condo as St. George-just the condo, not the city its in!
It was great to spend time swimming in the indoor pool, playing pickle ball at the condo, and watching Lexy perform. Yeah, St. George is always a good idea.
So while the adults were playing pickle ball, my girls were building a bug city on the tennis court. They were very creative with twigs and moss.

Check these crazy kids out!
Lexy's ballet performance was definitely a highlight! Right before the performance, we got to sneak in at the end of the tea party. They were serving cookies and the ballerinas were all dressed up as princesses taking pictures with the little girls. Lexy was stunning. My girls were so excited to take their picture with her in her gorgeous tutu.

She danced just as beautifully and I was so glad we went. My parents were already down there and so they came as well.
Tucker's family left on Sunday morning but we weren't quite ready. We headed to the park with my parents and enjoyed a nice dose of Vitamin D. We played and played on the lawn and Clara loved her time in the swing.
We took some awesome jumping pictures...

And our Fatness Everdeen was so happy to watch...

I heart St. George.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

February was busy!

I am happy to have a busy February, it helps the long, cold winter pass by that much quicker. Besides the twins' birthday parties, we had fun on Valentine's Day, spent a night in Midway to see the Ice Castles, saw a Jazz Game, and watched Clara grow into a mini me...
The guys took us to a fancy dinner at the Grand. I just love this group.
 I don't normally take pictures of food, but seriously, our dessert was a piece of art!
Tyler and Mindy were in town and so we met up and waited for over an hour to see the Ice Castles. I think it was worth it. They were truly amazing! Elsa and Anna were there to make it that much more exciting.
Annelise took us to the Jazz game one night and it was so much fun! Our goal is to get on the Jumbo Tron-we succeeded yet again. And awesome photobomb by the guy in back.
I treated myself to an ice cream cone...the size of my head!
Here is my baby girl at 9 months:
And here I am at 8 months. I think we finally figured out who she looks like!