Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oakley Rodeo

With Tucker's family in town, we decided the Oakley Rodeo would be a must for the 4th of July. It doesn't get much more patriotic than that! The kids had SO much fun-Roman loved the cowboys and Capri LOVED the cowgirls, especially the rodeo queens! It was a great time had by all and definitely a plus with all the cousins.
Here is my little cowgirl, hat and boots included.

Koko and cousin Sophie in their patriotic red, white, and blue!
This is Roman's best cowboy pose-seriously, I could eat him up.
Just waiting for things to get going...
Two sleepy rodeo kids with their hats on and blankets in tow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How many posts can I have about St. George?

One more for now! We just love going down for sunshine, swimming, and mostly a chance to get away from it all. Not a care in the world when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's condo, just lots of great family time. It's especially nice when my hubby is out of town, to head down to St. George with my parents, and have plenty to do with the kids until Daddy gets home. This time, both Tucker and Cody were out of town so Cheri joined me, my parents, and Jon for a few days.
I didn't get many pictures, but we had so much fun swimming, I had to document it...
Capri never gets sick of the pool. She loves having "tea parties" at the bottom of the pool and now tries to talk to me underwater. Love it.

Karoline is my little daredevil and it must be simply to keep up with her big brother and sister. She must have jumped off the edge at least 20 times that day.

Roman and Capri got ahold of some water guns...they took them pretty seriously.

Uncle Jon is the best and Roman would not leave him alone. He was climbing all over him and then jumping off into the water. So glad Jon was there!

These kids are so lucky to have Grandma come swimming. It makes the pool that much more fun!
Grandpa was pretty great too. He set up a canopy at the pool so that we could last for hours without dying of heat. He is always up for a trip to the condo and he always wants to be doing something fun while we are down there. It keeps us on our toes!
Here are all the cousins after a day of swimming and sun, huddled together around the little DVD player watching a movie. Precious moments.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Swimming Success

I think these videos speak for themselves...

I couldn't be happier with our experience with Swim Kids over at Dive Utah. My children LOVE to swim and are safe doing it thanks to the progress made with these lessons. We have taken a break from lessons over the summer, but with the numerous trips to the pool, I can see that they are very confident in the water and that makes me proud!
Capri is my little fish. I cannot believe the difference the past year of lessons has made for her. She can float on her back even after swimming freestyle, she is learning to breathe even better, and now she doesn't even need goggles! The past few pool trips she has told me, "Mom, I can open my eyes under water! I don't need my goggles this time!" She says it with such excitement, but I am even more excited!
Roman is still a rockstar in the water. He has conquered dolphins and freestyle with breathing. He even started getting timed swimming the length of the pool and his teacher said he is ready for precomp. I don't think we are up for swim team yet (he is only 5!), but maybe next year. He had his first "race" during a lesson when he and another girl having a lesson swam against each other. Roman beat her and immediately said, "I beat you! I beat you!" I guess we need to work on sportsmanship, but I was pretty proud of him beating an older girl!
My little Koko. How cute is she in the water?! Obviously Karoline still has a lot to learn, but she is doing great so far. She mastered her floats and even started to learn her "chicken, airplane, soldier" on her back. My favorite thing, however, is when she sits on the wall, puts her hands above her head, and falls head first into the water. She does it with a smile and I can't get enough of it!
My little swimmers!

Thank you Grammy for giving us such great lessons!