Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here we are!



Hello Friends and Family. It has been three months since the twins were born and life is finally regaining a minuscule amount of normalcy. Life as new parents of twins has been exciting and exhausting (like a sixty hour Die-Hard movie). The time has come to report on our experience. I am particularly interested in this documentation as I hope it will be a good tool as I try to be a good father. I feel utterly inadequate for the job. Two of History's most famous father of boy/girl twins are William Shakespeare and Darth Vader. Both of these men were notoriously bad fathers. As I don't expect to be horribly disfigured by lava while dueling with my light saber, and I lack the self destructive habits that plague genius playwrights, I hope to be successful where they were failures. My wife Alysha will also be posting to this blog. She has a huge advantage over me in most areas but especially the parenting department. I am continually amazed at how she can take care of two infants with ease and grace.

Alysha will comment on her pregnancy later, but I will summarize by saying that it was a remarkable experience full of the normal fatigue and aches associated with carrying parasites (see the movie "Aliens" for an illustration). Alysha was amazing and hardly complained at all. In a totally deliberate effort to be a good husband I gained "sympathy" weight. Unfortunately my road to pre-pregnancy weight has been longer for me than my wife's. She looks absolutely amazing and other women are not shy about how much they hate her for looking so fantastic.

Okay enough chit-chat! - Warning: The cuteness found on this page may be over overpowering - Shield your eyes as necessary. Overexposure to cuteness may result in nausea and an inability to stop saying "ohhhhhhh".