Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oquirrh Lake Park

We have a new park in Daybreak that is absolutely fabulous. It includes an awesome playground, basketball courts, tons of lawn, and a beach. The only problem is that everyone else thinks it is the best new park too-so it gets packed! We decided to brave the crowds and take the Ludwigs out for a Sunday evening activity and it did not disappoint...
Luke loves his big brother Austin and Austin loves his little brother Luke:I had to throw this one in too because seriously, how cute is he!Can I say model in training?!Capri playing in the sand...finally. I don't know if you remember, but our little Cali girl has never been a fan of this stuff. She finally gave in and loved it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Boating Family

Tucker's family loves to get out on the lake so when the Ludwigs were in town, we made a few trips on the boat. My kids absolutely loved it and did surprisingly well. They both wanted to drive the boat just like Daddy and Grampy and were even allowed to honk the horn-seriously a highlight for them! I could see them get so excited about this new adventure, whether it was watching the wakeboarders behind the boat or taking a ride up front in the bow. Roman even got in the water when we started to experience that July heat we all know and love...or at least are ok with when on the boat! The heat wasn't anything we had to worry about on our second trip out-we had lots of cloud cover, cool breezes and even a bit of rain. Still, a great trip and the only one I had my camera so enjoy...
Capri trying on Grammy's visor-again with the accessories!Tucker's sister Tiffany and her sweet Sophie-we miss these girls!Lukie! We were so excited to see Roman and Capri have the perfect little buddy to play with:
Roman totally enthralled with something other than taking a picture with his mom...surprise, surprise.Capri's favorite spot on the boat was wherever Grammy was:
Talk about extreme tubing! I couldn't even watch as these two, Austin and Dave, were behind the boat. Even when we were stopped, they just kept going:
I think this pretty much sums up our boating trips...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silver Lake

What is wrong with me?! I have totally lost my motivation to keep up with my blog this summer. We have been so busy doing lots of fun things and I guess I get overwhelmed to think of what I have to post...or maybe because it is summer and I am just not in the mood! Either way, I am going to try and redeem myself and am starting with an easy and small post.

About a month ago, my nephew Spencer told his mom that he wanted all of us to go on a hike. Considering Tucker wasn't able to join us, Silver Lake seemed all the "hike" I could take, but it worked out perfectly. We ate Wendy's (I know, just what you'd think of when going up the canyon) and then started on our little trek. My kids loved being with their cousins and I loved being up in such a beautiful place so all in all, it was a great trip!
Robert and Spencer heading out:Jesse and Eli on the bike-extreme, I know:
Roman and Kaleb decided to take a ride for a bit:My mom showing Capri the little fishies:

Roman out on the dock to check things out:

Me and my girl:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ava and Lily Come To Play!

We were so excited to have Tucker's brother Tyler, his wife Mindy, and their kids here last month. We had so much fun going to Heritage Park, swimming in Grammy and Grampy's hot tub, playing at the park, and playing dress-ups. Everything is more fun when you have cousins like Ava and Lily around!
At the park:
This is Roman copying one of the older boys as he touches his toes the entire way down. He wants to be big so badly! Capri hijacked someone's shovel but I was totally ok with that considering the was willing to get in the sand because of it (oh yeah, although she has spent most of her life in California, she absolutely hates the sand).This girl is such a daredevil! I loved that Ava was the only girl climbing this thing to the top and loving every minute of it!A sweetie on the swings. I guess Lily is also a daredevil because I was not pushing her high enough-he dad had to step in and give her a real ride on the swings!

Ava is not only daring, but she is also strong. She hung on while Tucker and Tyler spun her around:
And then the boys decided they wanted to have a try:
Grammy was happy to push her darling Ava:
Capri is 110% girl and shows it by accessorizing whenever she can...even if it's with goggles and swim floaties:
Tyler and Ava hanging out in the tub:
Grampy helping Capri get used to the idea of the hot tub:
We went again! We seriously can't get enough of that place!
Here is Tucker, Keith and Tyler:
Two cute girls!
Having fun with the player piano which brings back such great memories for me because we had one just like it!
Riding the choo-choo train:
Ok, so Roman isn't into dressing up in princess dresses but he was still having fun watching the girls do their thing:
Presenting Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella...
and let's not leave Tinkerbell out!
Ok, that is the end of a long post with lots of pictures. Thanks for hanging in there!