Thursday, March 28, 2013


Martin Luther King Day, so grateful for that man and our day off! So what do you do when the inversion is at its worst, temperatures haven't gone above 20 degrees in forever, and you are going completely nuts? You go to St. George of course! It was only 55 degrees but it felt wonderful in comparison! Just to be outside with clear blue skies did wonders for all of us and our seasonal depression. We had my parents and the Fords down with us and we had a great weekend playing at the park, hiking Pioneer Park (aka the Crack), and playing hard on the tennis courts...
Bloomington Park is a half mile away-even shorter if you are walking-making it a go to for us when staying at my parent's condo!

 Pioneer Park-Dixie Rock and The Crack!

It was so funny. Karoline insisted on making multiple "homes" for the rocks. She would pile up the sand, add rocks and twigs, and then get so excited to show me and my mom her creation!
 Tennis court fun with frisbees, racquets, and sunshine!

And I must say, life is so much nicer when all you need is a jacket. No coats needed!

Sunday Best

Grammy gets the grandkids Christmas church clothes every year and I love it! Getting their pictures on the stairs in such clothes is a must every year...

Yeah, Daddy was making them laugh so hard that we never got a normal shot, but I am ok with the giggles!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy New Year's!

I was thrilled to have a date night for New Year's Eve with my husband and best of friends. The Fords and Ross' joined us as we ate incredibly delicious food at The Wild Rose, a restaurant just down the street from Daybreak. Good food and good company always makes for a perfect night in my book. It didn't end there, however, as we had tickets for Les Miserables right after. We had yet to see it and with all of the hype, I didn't know if it was going to live up to my did. I was a mess as I sobbed through it, but it was so well done, I still can't get over it! The music, the story, everything...amazing.
We came back to our house for dessert and sparkling cider to ring in the new year. This was the best we can do as far as documentation goes with the camera timer...
New Year's Day was a family day and a really fun one! It started with bear pancakes...

I think the kids liked them, no? Once our bellies were full, we geared up for a day outside in the snow. We have the perfect sledding hill right close and we knew we had to take advantage. I was a bit nervous with how Karoline would do, but she let me know the second we got there, she had no fear! She went down all by herself and couldn't wait to go again! Roman was even more fearless as he was getting a running start by the end of the day. Capri was a bit more hesitant for such shenanigans, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself and made so many trips up and down, she had to take off some of her gear she was so hot! We had so much fun that I told Tucker that we needed to make this a New Year's tradition. With it being so close and convenient, there is no reason not to!
Getting ready...

Now GO!!!

 The Fords joined in on the fun as well!
The Nielson Family's Best Day Sledding!