Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life on the Malibu

The kids love being on Grampy's boat. They don't even mind wearing the life jackets, especially when Capri got a new pink one! We took a couple of trips out on the lake with the Ludwigs and had a great time swimming, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and tubing...
Can you believe it? I actually got Capri in the cold water with me:
Tiffany, Dave and Tucker in the pristine waters of Utah Lake:
Grampy out on the tube with the boys, Roman and Luke-both of whom did NOT want to get off!
Aunt Tiffy with baby Karoline...and no, she doesn't have a life jacket on. Am I a terrible mother?
Tucker was a stud of a dad and took Roman on the kneeboard...
Check them out:
Capri wouldn't dare go out, but she was the cutest flag girl I have ever seen:
I love that even if we have crappy water that day, we always have a good time chatting, playing in the water, and enjoying each other's company. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lazy Summer Days...

I love this picture because it depicts one of summer's greatest attributes, being lazy. Here are the kids with their cousins, Luke and Sophie, hanging out on Grampy's hammock:My kids had so much fun having their cousins in town. Roman was loving having another boy to play with and Capri adored Sophie-someone to cater to her every need.
Karoline is laughing all the time, but especially when her brother and sister are entertaining her. She was one happy camper watching all 4 kids on the hammock:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Lady Ballet

When I was preschool/kindergarten age, I was enrolled in Little Lady Ballet with Miss Connie as my teacher. I absolutely loved it. Me and all of my Little Lady friends adored Miss Connie with her sweet voice and perfect disposition. Classes were held at the Old Meeting House and I remember the cute little benches for our cute little bums. My ballet shoes were given stickers, one blue and one pink, to differentiate right foot from left foot. We practiced and practiced (though it all seemed like play) for the upcoming recitals which may have been my favorite part, especially because of the costumes. I look back at those pictures and videos and see how much fun I had and so I couldn't wait to get Capri into ballet.
This summer was it. Connie's daughter Natalie, also a darling friend, was an incredible dancer and decided to start teaching recently. Little Lady Ballet had been re-opened andI was so excited for Capri to try her summer workshop. It was perfect. Because Capri is shy and somewhat fearful when it comes to these things, this 5-class workshop was a great introduction.
When I took her the first day, it was like deja vu! Natalie held classes in her own home studio, but oh so close to Old Meeting House. Her studio was so cute and the first thing Capri said was, "Mom! It's pink!" She had those very same benches as well. Capri's ballet shoes are now marked with a blue star and pink heart-perfect. Miss Natalie and Miss Connie were as sweet as ever and Capri ended up loving them. She never danced much while in class, but she would come home and show me everything she had learned. It has been over for a few weeks now and yet she is dancing more and more and loves it. Hooray!
She started every class but one, sitting next to me, waiting until she was comfortable to go and join the rest of her class.On the pink benches-I loved to watch her sit with the other girls and immediately start chatting with whoever was sitting next to her.Getting ready for skipping and sliding:My little ballerina:

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do...

...and I hope that someday I will have time to do it! I guess I will start little by little as I try to show what a great summer we have had so far. Don't be surprised if things are completely out of order as a bunch of my pictures are on my mother-in-law's computer and I can never remember to bring a flash drive. So, here it goes!