Saturday, June 16, 2012

Down South with the Ross'

I love our friends. The Ross' are absolutely the best kind of friends you can have. They live down the street, have kids at similar ages as ours, we always have tons to talk about, we enjoy similar things, and we can laugh. Great combo. Because they are so much fun, we knew a trip down to St. George with them would be fabulous. My little brother Richard and Annelise's little sister Elizabeth are dating (I know, it's almost too good to be true!) so they tagged along...or did we tag along with them? Anywho, it was a great time for everyone!
We spent a lot of time at the pool as usual. The kids were even more entertained, however, having their friends there to play. The adults were loving it too because we could sit and chat while the kids swam and swam!
Sara and Karoline loving the tube:
 Sam, Roman and Danny played on this thing for over an hour!
The cutest girl in goggles you ever did see!
 Karoline's swimming lessons must be paying off, because she has turned out to be quite the little daredevil in the pool. She was jumping in all by herself and I bet she did this for 10 minutes straight!

 Nice landing!
With Annelise being such an awesome tennis player, we thought we should hit the courts. Rather than us adults playing, however, we ended up giving the kids a few lessons. They were loving it! Roman and Capri thought Daddy was a pretty good coach and I thought he was pretty cute one!
And here they go...

Roman kept correcting Capri telling her to swing, "Low to high, Capri. Low to high!" Grampy would be proud!

I am thinking mixed doubles champions one day!
Karoline loves to be outside at all times, what kid doesn't? So we spent lots of time out in the yard blowing bubbles...
Our last day was spent at the Main Street Splash Park. It was a hit, yet again. I swear my kids will never get sick of that place and neither will I.
Roman and Danny taking the quickest moment to say cheese for me!
 I love this happy boy:
 And this happy girl:
Even us adults were having a good time!
Tucker and Brian:
Annelise and I:
Sad to say, I didn't get a picture of Elizabeth and Richard! Argh! They were amazing to babysit for us while we went to a movie (we saw What to Expect When You're Expecting-hilarious!). We had put the kids down and told them that it would be easy peasy. Not so. Karoline started crying and would not stop. Richard finally went in to see what was up and immediately smelled something foul. Yep. She pooped. And she hadn't pooped the entire trip so you know it wasn't anything normal. Poor Elizabeth. Richard was clueless so she had to clean that girl up. Thank you!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Capri's First Ballet Recital

I am going to start this post by saying there are A LOT of pictures. Pictures that I could cry over because I love them so much and simply could not leave out. So, without further ado, Capri's First Ballet Recital...