Thursday, September 20, 2007


We are all settled in to our new place and we are loving what sunny San Diego has to offer. Walks on the beach and fabulous mexican food are enough to put me in a good mood. Waking up to see the ocean every day isn't too bad either. Tucker is loving his work and it is so fun to see him, my dad and Richard, my brother, all off to work together. That leaves my mom and I with the twins and can I tell you how much easier life is with her help?! The twins are absolutely adored by Grandma and Grandpa, but it's Uncle Richard that they can't get enough of.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Twins Making Progress

As mentioned in a previous post, Capri has torticollis which means her head is tilted to the side. She has been doing physical therapy for a few months now and recently got Botox injections to allow the left side of her neck to strengthen. About a month ago, Capri was fitted for a TOT collar which goes around her neck to keep her tight side stretched out. She absolutely hates getting it put on but she deals with it like a real trooper. Hopefully it will be out of the picture in the next month or so. Hooray!
Another new and exciting event in the Nielson home-Roman has two teeth! Right on the bottom and they are the cutest ever. I wanted to get a picture of them but he wasn't cooperating so here is a picture of him sitting up so big! Capri sits up too but is still a bit wobbly. They both love to stand up to the ottoman now and can do it all by themselves for a minute-strong babies. Also, they are actually starting to do an army crawl. They still roll around to get where they need to, but recently have tried to scoot by pushing their legs and pulling with their arms. Capri is really starting to cruise. Scary thought!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tag, you're it!

I was tagged for a small survey so take a look:
5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
Just starting High School at Skyline as a sophomore and in pep club
Erika having to pick me up for school because I can't drive.
School dances-I swear we had one every month-to ask or not to ask, that is the question.
Working at Lettuce and Ladles with Jessica and psycho, pot-smoking owner (see previous post.)
No boyfriend of course, but we were broadening our horizons beyond our all-girl group.
5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
I would love to have a cabin-I always had so much fun at my friend's cabins!
Let's add a boat to that cabin-I am sure it would be near a lake.
Ok, so that you don't think I am completely self-centered, I would donate to research in SADS and mental health.
Travel with my whole family-I have kids named after places I have never been!
There's always the sensible but costly college educations for the kiddies.
5 things i’ll never wear again:
I am not going to miss the tapered jeans-I don't care if skinny jeans are in-not for me.
I will miss tanks and sleeveless dresses.
Remember the white keds with the thick soles? No, good.
9-inch zipper jeans, not even now that I am a mom
Never, never, ever again-the turquoise unitard with unit belt-again see previous post.
5 favorite toys:
My babies are the most entertaining things ever-especially when they laugh. :)
I love my laptop as I have become addicted to blogging.
My jogging stroller-not so much a toy but I have a lot of fun taking the twins in it.
Do games count? I am way into Boggle, Speed Scrabble and Taboo.
The exersaucers are the babies' favorites so they have to be mine too.
5 people to Tag:
Nicole Maughan
Stephanie Floor
Amy Bell
Lindsey Paulk
Julie Stoker are it!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We've Moved!!!

Surprise! We have officially moved to San Diego, California. We are so excited to be here and can't wait to get settled in. It was a bit of a shock when Tucker got the call we have been waiting for on Thursday. A fabulous job opportunity to work for a new company that my dad has been helping to build called RF Check. Tucker officially resigned from Goldman Sachs that day and we started the migration to our new place of residence in Encinitas with my parents. Packing was chaotic with the twins, but luckily I had a lot of help and we didn't even attempt to get the house rent or sell worthy. Working on that later! We now live in a gated community of condos right on the bluff. We have our own sweet beach just down the stairs and I can't wait to take Roman and Capri. To all of those at home in Utah, we miss you already!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, our good friends (Nick and Lindsey Paulk) came into town and we (including Bret and Jen Neumann and Summer and Rance) all got together for a fabulous getaway. We even left the kids home for a night for the first time. It started with some time spent up at Silver Lake near Brighton. We saw an enormous moose and stood within 20 feet of this creature. Later that night we hot tubbed and watched the U of U lose terribly in their first game of the season-sad times. The next day, we took the boat out and had a blast wakeboarding, skiing and just catching some sun. Our boys were great handy men on the boat-the battery was dead so they swapped it for the truck's battery-genius! We spent the night back up at a sweet cabin in Brighton where we talked and played a game of Taboo-girls lost unfortunately.

Discovering Our New Lawn

I wanted to take some 6-month pictures of Roman and Capri and what better place but our new backyard. Because my babies are so dang cute, however, you really can't see the backyard. I will post some pics soon of the completed landscape.