Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Had Visitors!

This is Jessica, one of my best friends I have had since I was 3 years old, and her mom Charlotte-the best houseguests ever! When was the last time your guests cleaned, took the garbage out regularly, cooked, and brought the sweetest little baby boy for you to hold? It really was such a great week to talk, hang out with Charlie, walk, eat out, take a day trip to La Jolla, and enjoy life poolside.
This was definitely the highlight of the trip-having little Charlie here:A perfect day at the pool:Jessica and Charlie:
The kiddie pool was pretty cold so the kids would get in to their waists and have to run right out:
Despite the frigid water, I think Roman was having fun, what do you think?
Capri was in heaven too!
La Jolla is always a treat, but especially with this group! We saw, and smelled, the seals, walked along the bluff and checked out some fun shops.
The Girls plus Charlie:
The Boys:No trip to La Jolla is complete without a little taste of back home-apple pie caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...unfortunately Roman only got the real apple leftovers:Capri loves her uncle Jon and calls him by name everytime we take her upstairs (because that's where he always is!). Best buddies:It was so great to have you and I am so glad you made the trip out. I love you and can't wait to see you again...and Charlie!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Road Again...

We have had a bad couple of weeks around here (more on that later) so when we found out we had Friday off, we made the very last minute decision to leave that night for San Francisco. I packed up as fast as I could, got kids in their pjs, and we were off by 7:30pm. Six hours later, we arrived at the home of Tyler and Mindy-Tucker's brother and his wife as well as the BEST hosts anyone could ask for. Seriously, who is up for a family including two two year-olds to come and take over your home with 10 hours notice?
We are so glad they were up for having us because we had such a fabulous time! We woke up Friday morning and took the kids for a walk to feed the goats and horses. As you may have guessed, my animal-loving children were in heaven. It amazed me how fearless they were in feeding the goats and how they wanted desperately to be on the other side of the fence so they could play with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk because of how much I love the neighborhoods and homes in Palo Alto. The homes have so much character and when you add the many mature trees and greenery, you have quite the scenic route!
Capri could not get enough of these little furry creatures:
Lily handing out some apple...that Roman tried eating after the goat got a good lick of but dropped.Roman loved feeding them so much that after we ran out of carrots and apples, tried giving the goats clumps of dirt. They weren't happy about that.
The next day, all of us took a hike up to the dish near Stanford. We couldn't have gone at a more perfect time of year considering the hillsides were covered in that bright new spring green. Unfortunately, we were facing potential rain, so rather than getting to the top to take pictures, we made a workout of it and raced all the way down. Here are the kids getting their wiggles out once we got down to the bottom-always so happy to be running around after being cooped up in the stroller:
What really made the trip for me was simply hanging out and letting the kids play while us adults talked and talked.
Here are the cutest bunch of cousins you ever saw-and with all the same coloring, you know they are cousins!Roman wasn't so pleased being with all the girls, so we let him sith this one out-here is Ava, Capri and Lily:

Tucker and I had a first this past weekend and that was two date nights in a row-so nice! We left the kiddos at home and in bed so we could go out to dinner, see a movie, chat it up, and eat delicious pastries...which led to a lot of laughing. As much as I would like to have pictures to record our adult fun, I didn't even think to bring the camera. Something about no kids equals no camera.

We really can't thank Tyler and Mindy enough for such a nice weekend. It was a much needed break and we had such a wonderful time. We love you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We're Putting On the Pounds!

That's right! Capri is back on the charts for weight coming in at 23 lbs, ranking in the 6th percentile. We couldn't be more thrilled! That Pediasure, though ridiculously expensive, must be working and luckily, she absolutely loves it. I am pretty sure that she has downed a bottle in less than a minute. Roman has improved in the weight department as well coming in at 26 lbs, ranking in the 22nd percentile. We weren't too concerned with either of them considering they were both growing (just up instead of out), but it is good to know they are getting a bit more meat on dem bones!

As far as height goes, Capri measures 34.75 inches placing her in the 75th percentile. Roman has a few inches on his twin sister and measures 36.5 inches placing him in the 94th percentile. Yep, tall and skinny for the both of them!

Developmentally, they are doing awesome. The doctor goes through several activities to determine where they are in terms of fine and gross motor skills, comprehension and verbal skills. Capri is starting to communicate quite well as she can put words together and is learning new words everyday. She is pretty agile while she eats, runs, climbs, builds blocks, and especially in drawing or coloring.Roman is an athlete already. He can throw like nobody's business and catch now too. Climbing just about everything and he also likes to feed himself, color, run and kick a ball...or whatever he feels like kicking. Communication is the only part that isn't coming so easy for Roman. It seems as though he could care less to try and talk! He still loves to jibber jabber constantly and he continues to learn a few words here and there, but nothing substantial. Thus, we are getting started with hearing tests which are scheduled for next week and speech therapy next month. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 9, 2009

These Girls are the Greatest!

I have had so much fun this past year and I owe a lot of that to my girls. We do everything together and yet we never tire of each other. Every month we have Book Club and Girls Night Out giving us a couple of nights free of kids and any possible worries-a much needed break! But don't worry, we include the kids plenty with weekly trips to the park, puppet shows and whatever else we decide to plan. The kids get to play with each other while us moms get to hang out and carry on adult conversations.
Unfortunately, we lost one our best girls, Jen, as her family moved just recently out of state. We sent her off with a farewell party at a favorite eatery, Extraordinary Desserts! It felt much better as we ate our sadness away...

Thanks again girls for another fab night out! And Jen, WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If you are bored...

For a ridiculous long post all about a day in the life of Roman and Capri, see the addition two posts below.