Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Albion Basin

A few weeks ago, we decided to head up to Albion Basin to get away from the heat, check out the scenery and just enjoy a Sunday drive. As soon as we got out of the car we realized what a mistake it was that we had waited so long to get up there. It was absolutely beautiful and so we took a few pictures. Unfortunately, I spaced something important, bottles for the babies. Evidently, babies need to eat every couple of hours, so we only had a minute, but it was worth it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Strong Genes...

When our due date was approaching, Tucker and I were eager to see what or who our babies would look like. I delivered what we think are the cutest babies and were excited to see we had a Nielson baby boy and a Curtis baby girl. As these babies have grown, it has been easy to see a resemblance between Tucker and Roman and my sister Cheri and Capri. Take a look for yourselves and tell me you don't see these strong genes carried on in both babies...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Things you didn't know about Tucker and Alysha

Hello all,
Inspired by my sister-in-law Mindy, I thought I would attempt the "100 things you didn't know about Tucker". But since I'm not very interesting, I'll only do 50. I am making Alysha do 50 as well.

1. I love cars. One of my favorites is a 1963 Lincoln Continental. I have no idea why. JFK was killed in this type of car.
2. My twins are both named after presidents. Their names are Capri Kennedy and Roman James.
3. If I could speak to any dead historical figure it would be Thomas Jefferson.
4. My best friend is Dr. Nick Paulk - In college I kissed a girl he was dating. We're still best friends. I married the girl.
5. I love to read and my books are my most treasured possessions.
6. I once got arrested at a Steve Miller Band concert.
7. I love going to the movies and there are very few I don't like.
8. If I were suddenly a millionaire, the first thing I would do is to go to racing school with my brothers.
9. I've run two marathons.
10. I've only run one marathon faster than Oprah Winfrey.
11. I hate Oprah Winfrey.
12. I would like to run for political office one day but I fear that my arrest at the Steve Miller Band concert will be used against me.
13. I really enjoy SCUBA diving.
14. I'm self conscious about my teeth but not my enormous nose.
15. I'm half as strong as my older brother Tyler.
16. I like to think I'm twice as strong as my younger brother Tanner (but he's probably stronger).
17. I've only been able to beat my dad at ping pong once in my life. I consider it one of my greatest achievements.
18. I suck at golf but still get a thrill out of driving the cart.
19. I am a documentary junkie.
20. I no longer have the SPEED channel and it is killing me.
21. I feel sorry for every other man on the planet because their wife isn't as hot as mine.
22. I feel sorry for my wife who married a guy who needs to lose 10 lbs.
23. Carnation Instant Breakfasts are vomit inducing. When I was 10 years old my jaw was wired shut as I broke it being thrown from a car. A liquid diet followed for 3 months.
24. I like to watch "So you think you can dance" with my wife.
25. I'll never watch another episode of "American Idol".
26. I served a mission in Rome for two years, and I am the world's greatest Vatican tour guide.
27. I regret not learning to play the piano.
28. I'm not that into music but I love Stevie Ray Vaughn.
29. I'm not afraid of dying, but I worry about my family getting along without me. As a result, I've purchased way too much life insurance.
30 I'm claustrophobic, its a condition I attribute to my brother Tyler picking on my when we were young, he feels badly about it now (hehehehe).
31. I very nearly enlisted in the armed forces on July 4th 2001. I was filled with guilt on September 11th that same year for not doing so.
32. I would like to see our soldiers pulled out of Iraq - but I’ve been wrong about the war before.
33. I love pie in all forms and flavors.
34. I've never been to Canada but I can sing their national anthem.
35. I think my mother is an amazing person but rarely tell her I feel that way.
36. I am somewhat of an armchair aviation expert.
37. I've performed CPR on twelve different occasions.
38. There have been two babies named after me in Italy (Federico - My middle name is Frederick). I've never met either one of them.
39. I don't spend near enough time in the mountains or on the beach. I plan on changing that very soon.
40. I am a pretty good gardener - a skill I learned from my Mom.
41. I like to think that I know a little bit about everything. The more I learn the more I realize how untrue that really is.
42. I pierced my own tongue in high school while my parents were out of town. I took it out just before they came home - I’ve never felt more foolish.
43. I have a degree in English Literature but I suck at spelling.
44. I am amazed at how much I love my twins.
45. When I'm bored I like to shop for airplanes on the internet.
46. At one time I was an accomplished violinist. I haven't touched a violin in over a decade.
47. I had my hand on my Grandfather's chest when he took his last breath. I feel very fortunate that I was there to see him pass.
48. I've never known my Dad to be wrong about anything.
49. I drove a mini-van in high school and loved every minute of it (the van, not school).
50. My Uncle Fred (I'm named after him) gave me a book for my twelfth birthday "101 Famous Poems". I have a goal to memorize every single one. I'm more than half way done.

Ok kids, here we go...
1. I love being onstage as long as I am not the only performer.
2. I am a bit OCD when it comes to my closet-only wooden hangers are allowed, clothes are color-coordinated, and all clothes face the same direction.
3. I love going out to eat-nothing better than good company, good conversation and good food.
4. I carried my twins for 37 weeks, but was in labor for only five hours.
5. I certified as a lifeguard twice, but never had a lifeguarding job.
6. Tucker proposed to me on Sandy Beach in Hawaii-top that!
7. I was once told by a two year-old to stop singing as I was trying to put her to sleep.
8. My Concert Choir try-out was the most terrifying and humiliating experience and yet somehow I made it. It's all about the pity.
9. I got my first C+ while dating Tucker my freshman year of college. What can you do?!
10. I received a BS degree in Human Development (the "Parenting Degree") but I owe most of my knowledge on taking care of babies from my mom.
11. I love going to the driving range; however, due to my competitive nature and the fact that I am terrible, I won't dare play an actual game.
12. My mom set up a job interview for my 15th birthday working as a waitress/cashier. I ended up getting fired when I caught the owner smoking pot while he was cooking.
13. I have only had 4 employers including the family I used to babysit.
14. I am always in the mood to travel and I am sure that stems from the many business trips my dad took with his family in tow. We drove everywhere including a 3-month road trip around the US and Canada.
15. I hope to be as active and in shape as my mom is at her age. I still remember watching her in the jazz classes she was taking after having 6 kids.
16. I grew up listening to (and singing in the car to) the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and the Carpenters.
17. My parents were hippies but I married a registered Republican.
18. I never moved until I got married.
19. I regret quitting the piano, but who doesn't?
20. I love to watch Food Network, but I never cook.
21. I played on a traveling club volleyball team, but wouldn't dare try spiking anything now.
22. I thoroughly enjoyed junior high school.
23. I am eager to become a good photographer and actually try that manual function on my camera.
24. I was 19 years and 10 months old when I got married, but my dad told everyone I was 22 at the wedding.
25. I have had two best friends from the age of three. I am still close to all of my friends from elementary, junior high and high school.
26. 'Grey's Anatomy', 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'The Office' are my faves.
27. Jerry Seinfield's "Live on Broadway" is hilarious and I can watch it over and over. If you have seen it and don't feel the same way, watch it again.
28. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies-there is nothing better than being outdoors period.
29. I backpacked through the Tetons hiking 34 miles in 2 1/2 days.
30. I never went to my senior prom. It's ok, you don't need to feel bad.
31. I have never been given a speeding ticket though I have been pulled over.
32. I used to take folk and modern dance-all I can say is turquoise unitard.
33. If I wasn't a stay-at-home mom, I would love to be a wedding planner or interior designer.
34. I have been to San Diego twice, Bear Lake too many times to count, Lake Powell, and New York twice with my girlfriends. Trips with the girlfriends are an absolute necessity!
35. I can pop my shoulder blades out of my back. No demos at this time.
36. I got braces for my 24th birthday.
37. I also got pregnant with twins for my 24th birthday.
38. My piano teacher's, teacher's, teacher's, teacher's, teacher's, teacher's, teacher was Ludwig Van Beethoven.
39. It is extremely hard for me to take a shower in under 15 minutes-how are you people doing it?
40. I am goofy footed on the wakeboard. I simply don't snowboard.
41. My sister and I used to fight constantly over clothes growing up. Now she is my best friend and we rarely go a day without seeing each other.
42. I used to be on the debate team, in the Explorers Math and Science Program, an officer in the K.O.P.E. (Kids Ought to Protect the Environment) club, and was a lead in our school play in elementary. I know, huge nerd.
43. I stepped it up a notch in junior high and high school where I cheered (does Pep Club count) and performed in dance company for four years. However, I still really like math.
44. I am working on being non-judgemental and a friend to everyone like my brother Dave.
45. I never crawled, just scooted on my bum to get around. Needless to say, I didn't walk until I was 15 months.
46. I inherited my dad's sense of humor. I have plenty of "Curtis jokes" if you ever need a good laugh.
47. I have kept my hair long largely because I know my Dad would be sad if I cut it short.
48. I am actually excited to drive a mini-van. Soccer-mom, here I come!
49. I played soccer in elementary and junior high and could probably count on one hand how many goals I scored.
50. It's more of a goal, but I have decided to train for a sprint triathalon. Cheri and Tucker, that means you too!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home...

It is always such a relief when Tucker gets home from work each day. He greets me with a smile and a kiss and then immediately asks what he can do to help. I know, I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful husband. As happy as I am to see him, Roman and Capri will actually squeal in delight. Flailing their arms and kicking their legs to show such excitement. They are so glad to be in their daddy's arms and it will be awhile before the smiles fade.

Here is Roman and his daddy: