Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24...I mean 25 weeks along!

I can't believe I am already 25 weeks pregnant! In fact, sometimes I forget I am pregnant at all. Ok, so maybe I wouldn't go that far, but I have decided that being pregnant with just one baby is cake. Although it seemed I popped out so very quickly, I haven't kept up my rate of growth like I did with the twins. Other differences...I feel like I am at least a month behind in belly size, but don't worry, I measured exactly 22 weeks at my 22 week appointment. I am going without those dang ted-hose and my legs are ache free-this is huge and anyone that has had to wear those things understands my new found freedom. I am able to exercise without feeling as though my tummy was going to tear right off! Yes, this pregnancy is going great. The best part, however, is how much I am feeling this little girl kick, especially when her daddy is talking to her. She is an active one and although it is hard to compare to two babies moving about, she gives me plenty of movement. Wow, she must know I am writing about her because I am watching my belly jump! When I think about what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, I am certain to include these moments.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It doesn't look like Roman will qualify for the Early Intervention Preschool program. This is good news! This means that because he has made such progress, he falls into the mildly delay category vs. moderate or severe delay in language. We are still going to keep up with a private speech therapist, but are so excited to know he is doing better and will only continue to make progress with some extra help. Hooray for Roman!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a bit of chit chat...

Roman and Capri talk all the time and have full conversations daily. Unfortunately, we still can't understand most of it. Capri has become quite the chatterbox and can sometimes talk so much that she slips out of English and into her own jibber jabber. Usually, however, I understand everything she says and love the fact that she enjoys learning new words and phrases all the time. She literally lights up and looks at you like, "Did you hear me say that?!" I also love how she can now express herself, tell me if she has an ouchie and where, as well as show concern for others. Just the other day, Roman bumped his head. She responded immediately with, "You okay Roman? You need a bandaid Roman? I sorry Roman." So sweet, especially ending each sentence with his name.
Roman has picked up this habit as well. In the midst of the constant jibber jabber (yes, it has come back in full swing), he refers to Capri when he says Waff or Wa-waff. I know, it sounds just like Capri. You would think we would have figured out what he meant by Waff a long time ago! The funny thing is, he can say "pri" or "apri" but he has chosen Waff and he is going to stick to it. Capri totally gets it too. She knows that when Roman says Waff, that means her. I had put her in time-out the other day and Roman went over (this is pretty common-sweet boy that he is) and while rubbing her back says, "Ok Waff?" He must have learned from his sister. Speaking of copying his sister, we have found that this is the best way for him to learn new words. If Capri says it first, he is much more willing to give it a try. Fortunately, because of this and his speech therapy, he really is making progress. He is starting to put words together without me having to prompt him-good sign!
Roman also gets to go to a class every week that is set up just like preschool. Capri is so envious and gets to join him once a month. They absolutely love it and do so well. I can't believe they will be in a real preschool in just a couple of months-crazy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thinking of Dave...

Yesterday marked the 3 year mark of my brother's passing. Though we all still miss Dave more than anything and wish he were here with his incredible smile, it has been getting easier to handle. I owe that hope and ability to be happy with such a loss to the gospel. What an incredible thing the temple does, sealing our families together forever. I am so grateful to my parents who knew how important getting married in the temple was so that they and all of us kids would be a family forever. We will be with Dave again, that I am sure, and he will make us laugh like never before. He will give me a hug, introduce me to his new hot wife, and let us know how happy he has been. It will be a great reunion someday.
For now, I want to leave you with something my Dad wrote shortly after Dave passed away. It teaches a great lesson and I think all of you should take the time to read it...

Tell Them You Love Them
I don't know exactly when we started to say "I love you" along with "bye" every time we parted, even for a few hours. It was certainly not a tradition I had brought forward from my family. In fact, it may of started when I was in my 50's and "teaching" my father to say those words. With the exception of my Mother's expressions to her children, it was not a common phrase in my family. I don't remember Dad ever saying it, but with the influence of my wife Robyn, it was a welcome phrase that I always enjoyed even if it seemed routine to those around us. In deed, my daughters remember being teased by their classmates in high school about the Curtis' always saying "I love you" every time they said good bye to each other.
It gets easier with practice, and even more meaningful. I started telling Dad I loved him along with "bye" at the end of our phone calls. After many attempts to have him recognize and finally adopt the practice, it finally happened. Initially I could tell it was awkward and even embarrassing for him -- not because he didn't love me, since I always knew he did, but because it just wasn't said in the family unless we were talking to Mom. I loved it now as father of my own family and wanted my parents and brothers to learn and enjoy the practice, also. It has taken time and persistence, but it is worth it each time I get to tell them, and to hear them tell me, that simple phrase.
I remember meeting my son David in the parking lot of my office to trade cars on a bright sunny morning, November 3, 2006. He needed the family Suburban the night before, so I had to drive his car to work that morning. Of course it needed gas and I'm sure I mumbled a few words of annoyance as I had to stop on my way to work to fill it up. As we traded keys later that morning I chided him about having to buy gas for his car. My weak parental attempt at teaching responsibility to a 29-year old was greeted with a big smile -- a trade mark of David's -- which was accompanied with, "Yeah, I know Dad -- but you did it anyway because you love me," which was then punctuated with an even bigger hug.
So much for trying to slip in the lesson. I don't know when I'll finally realize that my grown children are beyond most of these "parental tips". I was the willing student now, being reminded by my son how much more important his expressions of love and even devotion were to me than anything I would be teaching him that day.
I'm sure it would have been a rare if not strange sight to anyone watching to see this young man hugging his father in plain view -- maybe even stranger to observe us finish our short conversation with parting smiles and exchanges of "I love you, Dad"; "I love you, Son".
David's lesson was cemented deep in my soul the next afternoon as we learned of his sudden passing, and I realized these would be the very last words I would hear from David from this side of the Veil. The simple, yet far too rare scene of a twenty-something son hugging his father is now a glorious memory to me which I feel impelled to share with others. It invariably brings on a tearful smile as I remember David's smile, and feelings of gratitude as I remember what a special blessing we have been given. Not only for the comfort of this special memory, but also for the Knowledge that this won't be our last exchange.
The last words David and I spoke to each other were indeed very simple and even routine, yet very heartfelt. I highly recommend the simple exchange no matter how trite it may seem to those around you, for I have found the words grow in meaning and depth each time they're expressed -- "I love you, Dad; I love you, Son".
I want all my family to know that I love them,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We have got some serious catch up going on. Lots of posts and this one is long, hang in there to see all of our fall fun as well as our week of Halloween!
We have had quite the week full of parties, costumes and of course, plenty of treats! The week started off with Tucker's extended family party held every year complete with taco soup and scones, pumpkin carving, and kids to play with. Thank you Tanya! On Wednesday, Cheri and I went to the Witches Retreat, a fabulous party held by some friends in the ward. The decorations were incredible, the skits were hilarious, and everyone had so much fun being with the girls, aka the Stepford Witches of Daybreak. Thank you Shannon and Kari for that one! My girlfriends made last minute plans to do a party with our kids on Thursday. We get together at least once a month, but this time we added our kids in costumes to the mix. They were so cute
! Everyone came over for pizza and munchies and we just let the kids play (though quite a bit of managing took place, especially with Capri) and tried to catch up while we could. Our attempt at getting a picture of all of them together was just that, an attempt. Capri would have nothing to do with it, but here is what we got:
Fortunately, I did get some pictures of Capri and Roman before the craziness of the party started:
Capri as Tinkerbell...
and Roman as Peter Pan!They were quite the duo for Halloween!
Halloween Day:
Halloween was better than ever! We started the day with carving our pumpkin. The kids were right up there in the middle of it (but don't worry, we didn't let them carve, just draw once we were done):

Capri found Cheri's witch hat and thought she was pretty cute...I would agree:Capri found Cheri's witch hat and thought she was pretty cute...I would agree:
This is Roman giving me the "EWWW, that pumpkin is stinky!" face:

I didn't know how the kids would respond to the idea of trick-or-treating, but they were loving it! It took about 2 or 3 houses before they understood that these people were just giving out candy. Capri would turn around and jump with such excitement and exclaim "Wow!" with a big smile on her face! Roman was so funny because he kept trying to go into everyone's houses like he was there to play. I was loving it because they were both so happy and they had an entire crew to follow them around including Grammy and Grampy, Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, and their aunt Cheri in full costume. My kids are loved!

Wheeler Farm

My mom and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm while the weather was still nice. We got to see all of the animals, something my kids will never tire of, play with the ducks, climb on tractors, and get nice and dirty while we watched the enormous hog play in the mud. Good times. For some reason I didn't get any pictures of Capri, but here are the boys...
In the playhouse (that must have been built 70 years ago):
And playing in the trees:

Silver Lake

It has always been our family's tradition to go up to Silver Lake the day of General Conference to check out the beautiful fall colors and simply talk to each other while we walk around the lake. Unfortunately, this year it was much too cold and rainy so we settled for our biannual general conference scones at my mom's. Tucker and I then took our kids a few weeks later. The leaves had dropped, but we had such a nice outing with perfect temperatures and just being outside before we are cooped inside for the rest of winter!
It was still beautiful up there, I just love the reflection in the lake:
Roman and Capri were obsessed with having walking sticks. Roman had to touch every rock with his stick, which got a bit dangerous. So, I simply found a reed for him to use instead. Problem being it was broken in a matter of seconds. Here he is saying "broke."
Daddy and Capri finding squirrels:
There were some patches of snow along the way and the kids were in heaven. Snow is still pretty new to them! Capri was so happy after eating a bit of snow, she was willing to smile for me:

Our Neighborhood Pumpkin Patch...

We have had the greatest little farmer's market in the neighborhood this summer and fall. There is nothing quite like freshly picked asian pears, peaches, bell peppers and tomatoes. For Halloween, we were able to pick our pumpkins here right off the vine!
Roman was in heaven with the tractor, wagon ride and his search for the perfect pumpkin. Capri, on the other hand, was being such a priss and didn't even want to walk around in the uneven terrain of dirt. Of course when it was time to go, however, she decided she was having too much fun feeding the goat some grass and picking rocks to put in her produce bag. All in all, a success!