Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Weekend

Hope you had a fabulous Easter! I am finally getting around to posting about our fabulous Easter weekend. My mom was here, along with my little brother Jonathan, my sister Cheri and her husband Cody. We had such a great time enjoying the amazing weather by going to Sea World, the beach and Roman and Capri's favorite new thing-the pool. I wish I had taken more pictures on Easter Sunday because the twins looked so darn cute, but like most Sundays, 9:00 church came way too early. More to come!
At Sea World:What did the kids love the most? The flamingos of course!This lasted up until the music started which freaked her out. No Shamu for us!Adults only please. We got a babysitter so we could have a great meal at Outback with no babies to entertain! Playing some intense Rock Band with uncle Richard.Eating at a new favorite place called Panikin.

Some exciting news...we are moving to a new place here in San Diego! We are eager to get into something a bit more spacious and within more of a neighborhood. Of course it will be hard not to be right on the beach, but we are ready for suburbia, families and kids (only old people around these parts).

One other update-Roman and Capri have more tricks we need to tell you about. They are getting really good at their sign language and can sign for bird, dog, more and all done. There isn't anything cuter than Capri's delicate fingers or Roman's fat hand doing these signs. They can stand really well too now and Capri does it all the time with her arms out, palms up like "oh, look at me!" The walking hasn't taken hold yet which they get from me-I wasn't walking until I was 15 months old-I know, kind of sad. I think the twins will definitely beat me, but we will see. Another thing they are mastering is going down the stairs (they have loved climbing up for some time). I was so nervous to let them learn, especially because it was hard for me to bring both up and down to practice by myself. Well, it took all but 15 minutes for them and they have it down ok. Roman can blow kisses but instead of putting his hands to his mouth, he squishes his face in-also cute to watch.

Lastly, a new word has been said-dog, or something like it. Let me try to explain how much my kids love dogs, or all animals for that matter. If they come in contact with anything fury or flying, Roman and Capri will start laughing, try to dive out of our arms, kick their legs, flail their arms, and try to say or sign dog and bird. And we never thought we were going to buy a dog...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Is Here!

The past couple of weeks have been so nice and warm which means lots of time outside! Roman and Capri would be outside 24/7 if possible so I do my best by taking them out every day for a walk and some time out on the lawn. We have also hit the tennis courts and the pool to take full advantage of the great weather so take a look, we had lots of fun...
Out on the playground for the first time:
Roman absolutely loved the slide and wanted to go over and over again. Capri, on the other hand, was a bit more cautious and twice was enough for her!Roman on the lawn just being cute.

At the pool! Don't you just love how Roman goes straight for the water-I am worried about that boy!Out on our deck-such fun in discovering new places.I think we may have an intense tennis player here!And a really cute tennis player here!

Thanks for looking at all of the many pictures. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As I Promised...

It has been a couple of weeks, but I finally got some pictures to post of the twins' Birthday Bash #2. Thank you to Cheri, my mom and Susie for a fabulous birthday for these two. You are all so wonderful to make this party special. We have the best of friends to show up and say hello and deliver some fabulous gifts-Roman and Capri are seriously spoiled because of you! Thanks again!
The invitation to set the theme of turquoise and lime green-something suited for a boy and a girl!
I was doing some pretty ridiculous things to get this kid to smile, but as usual, he was way too interested in the camera to smile. That's my Roman, always curious.
She is my wonderful mom and to the twins, yia-yia. They absolutely adore her so it is always fun to visit.
Cheri would like to be known as the favorite aunt. One thing for sure, Capri is her mini-me!
The twins in their birthday suits! After cupcakes with bright blue and green frosting, baths were definitely in order.
Capri was a bit more cooperative with the picture taking. I got my good friend Amy to take a few pics during the party. She is an amazing photographer and yet she will be so disappointed that I posted these because of the "poor lighting." Considering she has never used this camera and that she only had a couple of minutes, I think she did great!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Randomness at the Beach...

Because I don't have the pictures of the twins' birthday bash yet, here are a few pics to hold you over of us at the beach and outside on the lawn...

Happy Birthday to Roman and Capri!

WE ARE ONE! February 21st has come and gone and Roman and Capri are now one. I am in absolute disbelief. I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear it was just yesterday that I was headed to the hospital to deliver. Tucker and I feel so incredibly blessed and cannot begin to describe how much we love these two.
Roman is so determined and has no fear. This could be scary. He is also easy-going and quick to laugh. He loves to explore new places, especially outside, and will eat anything. Capri is a bit more cautious but loves learning new things. She always has a smile for you and knows when people are admiring her (and eats it up!). Capri is all girl when I see her putting everything around her neck or wrists as necklaces and bracelets. Oh, and just wait til you see her try on sunglasses-it is all glam for this girl.
They keep on growing and growing! Roman is still in the 90's heighth wise, in the 60% for weight, and 45% for head circumfrence. Capri is in the 65% for height, 40% for weight, and 50% for head circumfrence. They aren't quite walking on their own, but that is all they want to do so I get to walk them around all day. Capri will stand forever, but hasn't taken her first step yet. They both have made progress with their signing. They both sign bird, milk and more. Pretty dang cute if I do say so myself!
Roman and Capri were lucky to get two birthdays this first year. Our first was held here in San Diego with our little family, my dad and my brother Richard. We celebrated with presents to open (thanks to our wonderful grandparents!) and cupcakes to eat. We let them go to town and I would say they definitely enjoyed my work...

Happy Birthday you two!