Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's New...

It has been awhile since I last posted-can I blame it on the twins? I guess that excuse only goes so far but don't think I won't use it on occasion. Actually, we have had plenty of other tasks at hand such as our landscaping project. We decided to combine our yard with my sister (who lives right behind me) and my parent's (who live next door to her) yards to form one big yard. The lots are a bit small out here in Daybreak so this way we had some room to groove. We then hired a landscape architect to create a fabulous design, but it is the carrying out of that design that has been a pain-and we're not even doing it ourselves! It should finally be completed this week and we cannot wait to see the finished product.

A work in progress:

The Nielson fam is also trying to get back into shape-Capri has really got to get rid of that cottage cheese. Just kidding, it truly will be a sad day when her rolls and dimples go away! Tucker and I, on the other hand, are starting to get back into somewhat of a workout regimen. We love going running around our lake but it has been too bloody hot so I have resorted to kick-box on TV. The babies are highly entertained and will even start to laugh as they watch my pathetic attempt at kick, punch and crunch. It seems the latest trend is to compete in these sprint triathalons. A half mile swim, 12-15 mile bike ride, and then 5k run. The swim seems absolutely brutal so we will see if Cheri can talk me into training.

Tucker taking the twins for a jog:

What else? Oh! I turned 25 on July 18th. A quarter of a century, wow. I feel so old until I realize that I have two kids and then I think I am way too young! We had a great time celebrating by going up to good old Millcreek Canyon. I love it up there and I really miss being so close. Jessica-how does Grandeur Peak sound? It will be nice to have a fire pit put in the backyard for a suitable substitute.
Capri is starting to make progress on her torticollis which causes her neck to pull her head to the side. She was so smooshed in the womb that her head was constantly tilted to the side. I have taken her to physical therapy for the past few months and had to work with her on a daily basis to stretch those neck muscles. Unfortunately, I also have to make her wear this collar that is pretty uncomfortable to keep her head up. What's next? Well, it looks like my baby girl is going to have to get Botox injections. Crazy! It weakens the muscle so that we can stretch it even better. I will definitely keep you posted!

Five Month Photo Shoot

The twins are getting so big and it is hitting me hard. I already miss that newborn stage and I know it is going to be awhile, a good long while, before I have another tiny little one. To help savor the moments, I have tried to take pics and video-I finally got a video camera for my birthday, hooray!-and here are a few still shots marking 5 months of age...

Rice Cereal Milestone

When I took the twins for their four-month check-up, their pediatrician (whom I love if anyone needs one-Dr. Brian Good!) mentioned that I should start experimenting with solids. Yeah right. If feeding two babies wasn't hard enough with just milk bottles, I have to throw in rice cereal, squash, peas and a spoon that my Capri loves to grab-no thanks. Well, now that they are 5 months, I decided to give it a try and they absolutely loved it. They were pigs and couldn't wait their turn as I was trying to feed them at the same time. A mess it was, but it looks like I am stuck now and will simply have to plan on bathing them in the morning, every morning.

Sorry, I don't know when eating rice cereal became so exciting.

All Done!

Monday, July 9, 2007

We miss you Dave...

My older brother Dave would have turned 30 years old yesterday, July 8th, 2007. It has been 8 months since he passed away and we still miss him so much. He was such an example of living your life to the fullest and being an incredible friend to anyone that needed him. Dave was known for his amazing smile and fabulous hugs that he was happy to share. Whether he was playing volleyball or soccer, working out at the Sports Mall (and playing more volleyball), or hitting the beaches in Cali (and even more volleyball), Dave was all about having a good time and keepin' the dreams alive. We love him dearly and will keep him close by remembering all the good times.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

"We're Going Back To Cali"

The Twins have now flown to California twice, spoiled I know. We went to visit with the Curtis Clan in Rancho Santa Fe (near San Diego) where my parents and two little brothers, Richard and Jon, are living. They have a pretty sweet set up in a furnished condo right on Morgan Run Resort Golf Course.

We loved Moonlight Beach in Encinitas where the twins met the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Cheri, Richard, Jon and I at Pacific Beach.

The first time in the pool for Roman and Capri-we thought it was much more exciting than they did...

How cute are they in their patriotic attire?!

Some more amazing photo moments...

The Ludwigs are Here!

Meet the Preppy Polo Family! Yes, we actually all dressed in our Polo attire and took this picture. We simply could not resist. But don't worry, we have more to talk about-the Ludwigs are here! Tiffany (Tucker's sister), Dave and their four children Lexy (12), Austin (10), Sophie (5) and Luke (1) are here from Dallas, Texas. We have had so much fun spending time with them. Activities have included going to Temple Square, boating, shopping, bowling, BYU Football camp, hot-tubbing, more shopping, playing with our Wii (does that sound bad to anyone else?), and just being together.