Monday, November 26, 2012

Still Twins...

The kids were not going to bed. Tucker and I could hear them playing, talking, whispering loudly, and sneaking. After numerous calls out to the kids telling them to go to sleep, they finally did. When we went to check on them before going to bed ourselves, we found them like this. I love that they still love each other!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hogle Zoo...

...One last time before the cold sets in. And it was a perfect day! We got another great performance from the polar bear (he never disappoints!), we watched the brown bears (that are not so little anymore) trot about, we found the sleeping tigers, and we laughed as we watched the elephants play in the mud and poop. We didn't laugh, however, when the enormous gorilla pooped into his hand and then started to eat it...the second time we have witnessed such nastiness!
Roman and Capri climbing on the bronzed rhino...
 All the kids loved the spraying elephant...

 But only Roman was willing to stand in the path of the spray!
 My sweet Koko watching the polar bear lay down to sleep after a great performance...
 Roman talking about the huge tiger with the huge paws and the huge mouth... 
We may or may not be back for Zoo Lights, but at least we know we took great advantage of our zoo passes this season!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farm Country

We got family pictures taken at Thanksgiving Point in September, and the kids weren't going to let us leave without making a trip to either the Dino Museum or Farm Country. It was such a gorgeous day that we chose Farm Country. The kids were so thrilled to be there and I ended up staying for a few hours. We did the hay ride, saw all of the animals at least once, played in the jail and saloon, and spent a lot of time in the "farm factory." I love that my kids are so easy to take places like this. They are so easily entertained and no one could wipe the smiles from their faces.
And let's not forge a favorite activity while at Farm Country, the pony rides...

Roman was a bit bored with this, but he was a champ and pretended to have fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

3 days

That's all it took. This girl was potty trained in 3 days and I could not believe it! What was funny was the fact that she started the whole thing. It was going to be a hectic September day and I was watching my niece London so I was not up for potty training by any means. Karoline, on the other hand, had found the new princess potty seat I had purposely hid, and was not going to back down. I went with it thinking it would last an hour. Then two, maybe three. The busy day continued and without too much thought of the potty training. I tried to remember as often as I could to take her, but she did great on her own! She loved her "potty training" which was what she called her princess seat, and she loved her princess panties. The treats didn't hurt either (though I wasn't really prepared so she got chocolate chips)!
She had her first accident on day 3 when she was too busy at Grammy's, but even then, she didn't pee all the way. Within the week, we were totally set. I had taken her to the gym on day two and when I came to get her, Capri had taken her potty already. I was golden! I didn't even have to stay home for more than that first day! Thank you Koko, you are amazing. You turned something that I was totally dreading into the best potty training experience on record...not to mention the fact that I don't have to buy anymore diapers-you were trained through the night a week later!

Tanners Flats

We had a few short weeks left with mountains full of color so we planned a night up the canyon with our family and great friends. We had the Nielsons, Fords, Curtis', Ross', Dickmans, Bonds, Durhams, and both sets of Olsens. It was quite a group and we fortunately found quite the spot! We all brought up our own main dishes and then a side dish to share. We had the best food (that seems to be all we do with these last couple of posts!) and of course s'mores for dessert. The kids played and played hiking around the site, digging in the sand volleyball courts, climbing on the boulders, and getting dirty! They loved the fire and all sharpened their marshmallow roasting skills. The adults had time to visit, eat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I love our mountains!
Here is Roman and Capri in the sand. Capri was showing off her X-jump:
The Dickmans have a set of boy/girl twins as well, Bella and Bo. We love them! Here is Capri and Bella:
I love that my family joins in on the fun. Everyone in our ward loves them and always invites them even before Cheri or I do!
We can be normal!
Roman and Uncle Richard roasting some hot dogs. I can't say it enough, but my kids have the best uncles ever.
It got pretty cold that night and so we had Capri all bundled up around the campfire:
Karoline was obsessed with the lantern, the fire, and the overall canyon experience. She was so happy just to be there!
 My boys. I love them. This is Roman most of the time-too busy to stop to take a picture!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Bleed Red...

It's not over yet, but we have had great fun with the University of Utah Football season thus far. Tucker and I were so lucky to go with some friends to the first game. The Ross' have great seats which made our victory that much sweeter!

We then scored, pun intended, again when Tucker's cousin offered up tickets to the most exciting game of the year-BYU vs U of U! We couldn't believe it! I was such a wreck during the game, especially at the end where we basically had to beat them 3 times over-insane! Such a great game-whew! My kids stayed with Grammy but we didn't forget to put them in their U of U gear anyway...

Friday, November 2, 2012

End of Summer Soiree

Here I am, post-Halloween, writing up a post on a party we were lucky enough to attend at the beginning of September. I have so much to catch up on that I almost gave up...almost. But this party definitely needed to be documented so here it goes...
A darling friend of my, Jane, knows how to host a party. This was out of a movie! We were all dressed up, down by the lake, eating incredible food, playing croquet, and dancing on the docks under the starts. No, I am not joking!
This is the stunning Jane at our lakeside spot setting out all of the food:
 And the glorious spread which included plenty of delicious fruit, divine salads, breads and cheeses (Tucker was in heaven!), and fabulous gyros. I ate way too much...
 Some of the guests coming and starting to mingle...
Annelise took some sweet couple pictures. Here are the Fords:
 And the Nielsons:
How cute are these girls?! This is Lisa, Kristin, and Katie:
Once we chatted, played some games, and chatted some more, we ate some more! As fabulous as dinner was, dessert was even better! Think gelato, fruit and custard, the best chocolate cake you have had ever, and plenty more!
Just a peek of what was offered...
 But don't worry, we worked some of those calories off by dancing later that night!
It was hilarious! We were having so much fun dancing with Annelise who was single for the night while her hubby was out of town. I love the threesome...
We had to cuddle up once it got too cool...awwww...
And the guys cuddle time...just kidding. But I love how these guys, Nick, Tucker and Cody, were totally into this conversation on the blankets.
Such an amazing night. We were in awe the entire time as we took in the scene around us. What a beautiful place we live in...and more importantly, what wonderful friends!