Monday, May 20, 2013

St. George-March 2013

I am way behind on my blogging and I have a ticking clock...that of this baby due any day. With that being said, I am going to skimp big time on the journaling of this post. St. George has become our second home and we have a fabulous time, but we do a lot of the same things so I don't feel the need to be too wordy anyway!
Oh wait, we did do something new and exciting this trip! We did this awesome hike just 20 minutes outside of St. George. It was so much fun to watch my kids take this on with so much excitement! They did great too-even when I wanted to carry Karoline, she insisted on walking herself. Miss Independent. The hike started at Red Cliffs Reserve and took us through a mini slot canyon and to two different pools. It was absolutely gorgeous and we had the most beautiful hiking weather. Will definitely be going again!

The sun was out, the temperature was 80 degrees, the kids were ready for some pool time. Unfortunately, the pool doesn't get heated until April 1st and so we were two weeks too early. That didn't stop my kids from getting in for just a second, however, and they had a blast playing in the hot tub and with all of the water toys.
Karoline loved the water gun in particular...
 So did Capri...
Roman was on the tennis courts with his water gun...because that's where Cheri and Grandpa were...and they got a few splashes to cool them off!
Here is Roman at the hot tub...
Now I can't stop journaling! I have to explain these next few pictures. Roman and Capri started learning how to ride a 2 wheeler last fall, but were never confident on their own. Tucker and I decided that this would be the perfect time to build up their confidence and get them going so they could ride all by themselves. It was genius because we put them on the tennis courts first where they had this nice big area to practice. The next day we took them out on the street, but it's about as quiet of a street as possible, so we really didn't have to worry about cars. Tucker was a champ to teach these kids. I would step in and get them anxious whereas Tucker was much more cool, calm, and collected! Now these kids ride their bikes daily and can't get enough of them. Too, Karoline got to practice her new scooter she got for her birthday. She did awesome right away!

 And the kids and their bikes in action!

 Our family and their sweet wheels!
And lastly, another day at the Main Street Splash Park. It was a great time spent splashing, sun bathing, and even riding on the carousel nearby. Across the street is Judd's Candy store so we stopped there before going home...mmmm!

Another St. George trip for the books!


Easter was beautiful this year! I was so skeptical considering it was so early in the year, but we had our warmest Easter ever. It made it so nice for the multiple egg hunts and spring activities.
Our first event was an egg hunt Cheri put on in our backyard for all of her nieces and nephews. My kids had so much fun playing with all of these new friends! When it was time for the "hunt," we let the little girls go first, added a second round of older kids, and then a third round for the oldest. Roman joined in at the very end because he was too busy playing at Cheri's house! They each got at least 12 eggs and they were all packed with goodies...let the treat eating begin!

The next day was our annual neighborhood egg hunt at the soccer field around the corner near our church. So many of our friends come and it makes for a fabulous morning. I think my kids liked it...a lot!

Easter morning was just delightful! The kids came downstairs to see the Easter Bunny had brought these new camping chairs, but their baskets were hidden. They jumped out of their chairs to go search. Once they found all the baskets (which was so cute that they totally helped each other!), they started to dig in!
Peep kabobs, cotton candy, chocolate, and little toys...they were pleased!
 Roman was pretty excited about his new toys...
We then ran over to my mom's house for more Easter baskets from grandma, my delicious cinnamon rolls, eggs, and fruit. I rarely make cinnamon rolls, but this was the perfect occasion. Yummy, yummy. We ate up, cleaned up, and started on the egg dying. Even though it is such a mess, I can't leave out egg dying. It is just too much fun as the kids experiment with colors, add designs, and go all out with each and every egg...

And it wouldn't be Easter without Easter outfits!
 My three adorable kids ready for church:
The fun didn't stop there! After church we went over to the Nielson's house for Susie's delicious dinner and even more Easter baskets. I know, these kids were spoiled and their mommy sure put on some extra pounds because of it! Tanner and Drew came with Isla and my kids were thrilled to see all of them. Such a perfect day to spend with the family.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Karoline at age 3

My baby girl is three! I must say that it didn't come as quite a shock considering that this girl of mine acts like she is 2 going on 16. She feels the need to be able to do anything and everything her brother and sister do. She just wants to be big! In fact, the week of her birthday, my mom and I would ask her how old she will be and she would respond, "Six!"
Karoline has always been a great talker, but now she is a chatter-box/singer. She will talk nonstop if she knows someone is listening. She will sing nonstop even when no one is listening. I took her to a parent teacher conference for Roman and Capri and their teacher couldn't believe what kind of vocabulary this little one had...or the attitude! Karoline feels like she is pretty big and her attitude shows it from time to time. Her new thing, singing, is done in the car, in the tub, in the store, where ever she feels the need. She tells me to put my mouth a certain way (puckered up or in an "o" shape) to sing like her. Sometimes it's "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, " other times it is something she is making up as she goes. Either way, I am a fan.
This little girl already has darling friends. She took a ballet class in the fall with Sarah Ross, Zoey Phillips, and her cousins London and Isla. She loved it and I am hating the fact that I pulled her out without starting her up somewhere else. I think she is starting to get bored with just mom and craves social interaction with friends. She does great with the twins and their friends, she really holds her own, but really enjoys these girls her age. We have already started play dates within this group and I can't wait to see what becomes of these friendships.
Karoline is my cuddle bug and neither Tucker nor I can get enough of it. She loves to hold your face in her hands, hold your hand against her face, and she gives the best hugs as she wraps her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist. We do "noses, noses, noses" which are eskimo kisses. We nuzzle in each others necks. And every once in awhile, we rock in the rocking chair. I cherish every moment as my other two weren't nearly this cuddly!

As sweet as this girl is, she has entered a whole new teen, way-to-smart-for-your-own-good "phase," or at least we hope it's just that! Her new thing is to refuse you, or whatever it is you are asking of her, by simply saying, "Never...never ever." She says it with a slight smile on her face as if she knows exactly what she is doing to push your buttons. One day she was in time-out for being mean to London. I told her she needed to say sorry in order to get out. She then said "Never, never ever." She was smiling and almost laughing as she replied! I told her it wasn't funny and she then said, "It's funny to me, Mom!" Again, hoping this is just a phase...
Karoline has to be the most independent 3 year-old I know! She has to get dressed by herself, open and close things by herself, brush her teeth by herself, buckle her carseat, etc. As thrilled as I am that she doesn't need me for everything, sometimes it would be much easier if she would let me help!
This girl loves attention...I wonder who she got that from?! If Tucker and I are talking to one another, she tries desperately to get us to stop and listen to her. "Mom, mom, mom." "Yes, Karoline." "Um, well, ummmm, I....welllllll." It's hilarious.
Some fun things Karoline has been up to or accomplished...
*Loves to ride her tricycle, she is now a pro, and is learning to ride her new scooter
*Says, "You're the best," and "I love you to outer space and the sun and the moon and the..."
*Counts to 14, knows her ABC's and colors, and is learning to identify letters. Whenever we play the ABC game in the car, Karoline is in charge for finding the "O."
*Refers to Roman and Capri as "my kids." For example, "Mom, let's go pick up my kids at school." So. dang. cute.
*Tells everyone that she has two names, Karoline and Koko. Then asks them if they have two names.
*Is a champ about going to nursery, even if it means going into a tiny class packed with crying kids, none of which are her friends. Can you sense my bitterness there? Thank goodness she is so willing to go week after week and I think it must be because of her awesome teachers. They love her and get such a kick out of her constant talking and funny remarks. The other day she told them that her Mommy has a big butt! Awesome.
*Loves to play with play dough.
*Stopped taking naps 6 months ago, but tends to fall asleep in the car, on the couch, or even on the hardwood floor late in the afternoon.
*Was my easiest child to potty train. She decided one day (August of last year) that she wasn't going to put on a diaper. Her first accident was 3 days later and had only a couple more the following week. She didn't even need a diaper at night a week later.
*Is eager to be outside as much as possible-aren't all kids? She has followed in her siblings footsteps and loves to find potato bugs (aka rolly pollies), play with the hose, and is an avid trampoline jumper.
*Makes friends wherever we go...with kids...with adults...with strangers...with adult strangers. We may have to watch her carefully!
*This girl loves to dance. During sacrament meeting, the choir began to sing. We were sitting in the back of the gym and Karoline heads out to the side and dances through the entire musical number. Arabesques, port de bras, twirling, it was beautiful. I have got to get her signed up again!

Karoline is full of personality. She is a happy, loving, bright little girl. Yes she has her moments, and lately there have been more of those moments (maybe because of the baby coming?), but she really has been such an easy child to raise. Being baby #3, she gets dragged along to lessons, practices, and running errands, but she is such a trooper and is rarely an issue. She is my buddy while the twins are at school and I hope that I take the time to cherish these last few days while it is just her and I. I love you Karoline!

Roman at age 6

Roman is still my sweet, happy boy! He loves to play, he loves his friends and family, and he loves to play with his friends and family very most. He is a a thinker and a daydreamer and it can be hard to reach him at times. Sometimes I have to call his name 5 times before he responds! Roman is very smart. So smart, in fact, that his teacher wanted him to test for the Gifted and Talented program. Though we weren't going to enroll him, it was awesome that he was asked. Thank goodness he loves school and never complains about going. It may be due more to the social aspect, but I am happy either way!
Roman asks to play with a friend everyday he gets home from school. Fortunately, he is at the age now where he can go from house to house in order to find one. Raymond and Asher are frequent visitors and Roman is a frequent visitor to their house as well. They ride bikes around the block, aka "the track," jump on the trampoline, play swords and guns, and use their imaginations to drum  up plenty of other games to play. He also loves to play with Elliot or Danny and Sam whenever he gets the chance.
I have loved watching him and Capri continue to bond and stay the best of friends. Now that Karoline is getting older, they are so great to include her as well. Together they do plenty of imaginative play. They think up entire scenarios, give each other parts, and go to town playing them out. They play a lot of "home," Mommy, Daddy, kid, or pet. Not house, it's home.
Roman loves ninjas and the Hulk. He wears his green puffy vest so that he can be the Hulk as often as possible.
This boy is full of love and is tender hearted. He has such concern for others and tries to be a peacemaker. It also helps that he is so easy-going making him a great friend to everyone!
This past year Roman has accomplished a lot and has some fun interests...
*Roman is getting into sports! He played basketball for the first time and loved it. He learned how to be more aggressive which really helped in his soccer as well. This past season of soccer has definitely been his best. He really works to get to the ball rather than waiting for it to come to him! Tennis is next and he can't wait!
*He has become a star of a reader. I am listening to him read right now and I am loving it.
*His favorite subject has to be math. He counts to 100 and is already taking timed addition and subtraction tests which is where he really excels. 
*The two-wheeler is his new favorite thing. He wants to ride his bike all the time, even when it is much too cold.
*Roman is very independent. He gets dressed on his own, a lot of times without being asked, and will even make his bed. He loves to show me his bed all "flat."
*He has lost his bottom two teeth.
*Video games, whether on the wii, iPad, iPhone, or computer, are an obsession of his. Thus, we have to keep some pretty strict rules so that his brain doesn't melt before the age of 10.
*Rather than playing cars and planes or anything stagnant, Roman would like to be in action. So glad he has friends that like the same thing.
*Roman loves to do the climbing wall at the gym and can make it all the way to the top to ring the bell.
*Just like his dad, Roman loves to learn about anything that interests him. Volcanoes and space have been recent subjects of choice.
*Makes new friends wherever he goes, especially at the gym.
*Has been rocking the glasses for almost a year now! He has been the best sport about wearing them and he looks so dang cute.
*Is starting to get into Legos, especially after getting a bunch of legos for Christmas and his birthday.
*Roman loves to laugh and loves to be funny. Him and Capri get each other going with constant joke telling...jokes they make up as they go!
*Nothing makes Roman happier than knowing he is going to see the Curtis boys. Knowing that we will be a family of 3 girls and a boy, I am so grateful he has these cousins to keep him company doing boy stuff!

Although Roman is still a daddy's boy, he is willing to give his mommy plenty of loves. He tells me that he wants to marry me which makes my heart melt. I hope his sweet, care-free, loving, happy nature never changes. He is absolutely my favorite boy on the planet!

Capri at age 6

Capri has turned into Mother's Helper. I cannot get enough of it! She loves to help me in the kitchen, she has turned into an awesome cleaner, is a great baking assistant, and she does a great job "leading" Roman and Karoline. This means she can be a bit bossy at times, but I guess that is typical of the oldest daughter!  Overall, however, I think she will be such a help when this new baby comes and I am so grateful for her and her willingness to be there for me when I need it most!
Capri is one smart cookie and her teacher insisted she also be tested for the Gifted ALPS program. She is a stellar reader and she loves the fact that she can read anything as we are going through town or looking at books. Capri loves going to school, loves her teacher, Mrs. Thayer, and loves seeing her friends most.
Friends are a big deal right now for Miss Capri. She would love a friend over at all times if I let her. She asks to play with Kalli Guymon, Sophie Newman, and Tatum as of late (which is great considering they did not get along at the beginning of the school year and now act like best friends!). With Roman having the neighbor boys over so much, Capri often has to be one of the boys and she usually does great. They can be a bit rough at times, but for the most part, she is happy to have any friends over.
Capri is quite the dancer these days. She takes ballet and a jazz/tap combo class at Utah Dance Artists and she absolutely loves it. She is always so anxious to go and I love that she smiles her way through those two hours. I cannot wait for her recital!

It has been a fabulous year for Capri and here's why...
*Capri can ride a two-wheeler! It was such an accomplishment as she had to really overcome her fears. So proud of her and so happy that she loves riding her bike all the time now.
*She loves to make her own breakfast consisting of toast with butter and jam or honey. She will even make some for Karoline or Roman.
*Speaking of toast, it is one of her favorite things to eat. She also likes carrots and ranch, turkey and cheese, and quesadillas.
*Capri is my budding artist. She thoroughly enjoys her time with a marker, crayon, or paintbrush in hand. She still loves rainbows, but she also draws princesses, her and her friends or family, kittens, butterflies, and the beach.
*I taught her how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the piano and she plays it once a day. Piano lessons are definitely in her future.
*Can whistle better than me.
*She loves playing tennis in St. George and I think she would say it was her favorite sport. We started with a new season of soccer this spring and she has never played better. She is much more willing to go after the ball, even when there are a bunch of kids in the way.
*Capri is desperate for a kitten...never going to happen, but cute nonetheless. She loves Buddy regardless of the fact that he bites and so I don't let her hold him. She will just watch him play in his cage and she will be the first to notice if he needs more food or water.
*There are few things she loves more than to get her nails painted.
*Loves to wear dresses, especially her pink fluffy one from Christmas.
*Although she has more stuffed animals than I can count, they are still her favorite things to buy or receive as gifts.
*Telling jokes with Roman and Koko is a sure fire way to keep this girl laughing, even if the jokes are made up and make no sense at all. In fact, those are the ones that make her laugh the hardest!
*Is still my sensitive girl, but is growing some tougher skin. Her shyness isn't nearly as prominent either. She still doesn't like to go up and sing with the Primary during Sacrament, but she was willing to dance the night away at the Richard's wedding. She is much more social now and makes friends wherever she goes.
*Swinging at the park is a it has been since she was one.
Capri is loving, kind, and a bit of a firecracker. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love spending time with her as she has such insight and I can't wait to hear what she has to say. She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out, and I love her to pieces!