Friday, August 26, 2011

Discovery Museum at Gateway

Tucker couldn't be happier knowing his best buddy Nick moved back to Utah this summer. He and his wife Lindsey had just had a baby and she was in need of a break so we planned a trip to the museum. It was a perfect activity because the kids were in heaven playing and exploring while the adults could talk and catch up. I even got to hold sweet baby Bella and it made my day. Unfortunately, I was the only one taking pictures and since I was holding her, I didn't get a picture-next time for sure!
Here is Roman and Nicholas in the construction site. I loved seeing how much stronger Roman was using the pulley this time vs 6 months ago. He loved it too and felt pretty tough like the big boys:
Capri absolutely loves the store which was by far my favorite part when I was her age. Like mother like daughter. She let me play with her and I was playing the role of the cashier and she was my customer. I am pretty sure she bought one of everything in there!
Karoline couldn't get enough of this slide and it brought her absolute joy. I love how the simplest things can make her so happy and excited.
The helicopter is always a hit with the twins, but I was worried that the loud sound effects would scare Karoline. I was wrong. She sat in there as content as ever just listening and enjoying her padded seat.
Roman really got into the role as a pilot. Like father like son. He must have thought the included sound effects weren't enough as he was adding plenty of his own. I love this boy that is 110% boy.
What a great day for the whole bunch!

Backyard Campout

We had cancelled our trip to Yellowstone and so we needed to make up for it as best we could. Welcome to our Backyard Camp out!
There are really only two important components to a backyard camp out. The first being a tent. There is nothing quite like a big tent to put the kids into an absolute frenzy! They were all so hyper running,
and roughhousing...

They were even excited to be loving...We love this girl, but we were ready for our next key component to our camp out so she got sent to bed......and we got things roaring! Check out our awesome campfire:
Nothing better during a camp out than roasting marshmallows and making s'mores...
Once we were filled to the brim with marshmallowy, chocolaty, goodness, we headed to bed. We set out our sleeping bags, hunkered down, and watched Daddy create some great shadow puppets. We did some stargazing while snuggled up in our sleeping bags and then all fell fast asleep. I was thinking we were going to last an hour or so, but it was actually Tucker that got us up at 5AM to bring everyone in stating that he was uncomfortable and that the kids were getting cold. I don't know about that, but I was happy to have made it as long as we did. The first thing Capri said when she woke up, "Where's the tent?" Roman cried as we put it down. This will definitely be a tradition and we are actually hoping to do it again before summer's end. Parents-this is a must! The kids are still talking about it and I am sure they will for some time!

On the lake...

Tyler and Mindy were in town and so we headed to the lake. It was pretty choppy so everyone decided it was a tubing day. Roman got up the guts to go with Ava and Lilly and they had a great time getting a bit faster and faster throughout the ride...
Miss Capri was so nervous about the tube, she didn't want anyone to go on it. We reassured her that it was very safe and that the kids were having fun. Still, she didn't want to have anything to do with the tube and hung out on the boat with the rest of us.
It's amazing to me how the babies get so relaxed and sleepy on the boat, regardless of how many people are on or how bouncy the boat gets...
Here is Grampy and Capri "flying" as we cruised around in the water.Karoline has been a boating baby from the start and this trip was no different...unless we were stopped. She did not like staying in one place-WIND PLEASE!
One of the best parts of boating with the Nielson fam is our swimming break. We hang out, eat, swim to cool off, sit on the back, eat some more and just relax. Since the tube was out, the kids played in there with Grampy-we even got Capri in!Between the heat, the water, and the humming of the boat, even the big kids get a bit tired...Another successful day on Utah Lake!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Splash Pad Fun

We may have a problem. You see, a new bakery came into town a few months ago called Swirly Girls. I love Swirly Girls and so do my kids. My kids also love the Splash Pad right across the street from this new bakery. Do you see my problem?
Karoline was so nervous at first but ended the afternoon getting soaking wet!
Capri loved being there with all of her friends, the Phillips, Bonds, and Ross', and so did I-nothing better than being able to chat it up with the girls while the kids play and play...
We also played on the swings at the park right next to the splash pad and my kids are always game for a few underdogs!Karoline loved being at the helm:These two have so much fun together and I am loving their playfulness these days!A Great Day! It's written all over this boy's face...

Our Fab Luau

Living behind my sister who lives next door to my mom has some great advantages. One of which is a combined and large yard. It has served us well and we have had some great events out there. My brother-in-law Cody decided it was time for another fabulous party (a week after we hosted the Relief Society Summer Social!) and couldn't wait to start planning. He had access to a ridiculous amount of Luau decorations and so a Luau it would be!
We spent the entire day putting up Hawaiian grass skirts, laying out seashells, hanging banners, setting up tables and chairs, and cooking up some delicious pulled pork sandwiches. My kids were in heaven with it all so we put them in their island attire and took some pictures:
Karoline and London in matching muumuus!
Capri loved this floral hair piece and the tiki torches!
We had a great turnout with at least 60 people from our ward and neighborhood. It was the greatest way to meet those new to the area and to catch up with those that have been around for awhile. Everyone came to eat and chat all night!
Every couple had to get a picture here...
Annelise and Brian Ross
Yeah, that's Steve and Ashley Guymon-hilarious!
Cody and Cheri own a race management company and so we got to use the sweet sound system. Check out those speakers blaring the perfect summer tunes:
We set up the food on my parent's patio and it was the best food ever-lots of yummy salads and desserts to go with our sandwiches.
Michelle Peterson, Jennifer and Michael Buster, Juice Peterson, and my parents
Katie and Nick Bond, Kevin and Shayna Swiss, Jenn and Seth Phillips, and Tucker and I
Cheri, me and Annelise-you should have seen our awesome hula moves!
Such a great party and we decided it must be an annual event!

Little Lady Ballet Take 2!

I was happy to enroll Capri into Little Lady Ballet Camp this summer hoping she would enjoy it more and actually participate this time around...and she did! The very first day she was hesitant and didn't want me to leave. I took her downstairs and sat her on the pink benches and told her that only ballerinas were allowed to stay. As soon as Miss Connie and Miss Natalie noticed her and welcomed her, she was just fine and I slipped out. Sure enough, she had a great day and was happy to go back the next day. I was thrilled! More than this being an experience for her in dancing, I wanted her to feel comfortable being away from Mom while trying something new. Miss Connie even said how cute Capri had been this year and how much more she was willing to do.
I think it also helped to have her friend Mikayla, my dear friend Nicole's daughter, in the class with her. Just look at these two, so darling!The last day was a Garden Performance and Miss Connie's and Capri was so excited to be in her new tutu and leotard. We got there and started taking pictures (and my camera was being awful and so many of them are blurry-argh!) and Capri was being so sweet and willing to pose. I even got her to take a picture with me:Unfortunately, as soon as she realized that her class was supposed to show everyone in the audience what they had learned, she froze. She kept sticking her hands in her mouth (something she does routinely when she is nervous or upset) and telling me she didn't want to do it. What a stinker! Thank goodness she showed me all of her "new moves" right after when no one else was watching. I got some great footage that I will upload soon!
Here she is on the pink bench with her new wings as happy as can be that the performance is over!
I stole this picture from a friend of mine (there were so many girls from high school whose daughters were in Capri's class-so much fun!)-the cutest bunch of ballerinas I have ever seen!
Treats! Yay! Even Roman and Karoline got in on some yummy cookies and popsicles:
You couldn't ask for better teachers than Miss Natalie and Miss Connie. Having the best memories of Miss Connie as my ballet teacher so many years ago, I knew Miss Natalie, her daughter and my friend from high school, would be the perfect fit for Capri. She knows just how to engage them with everything from "putting on our make-up, rings and crowns" (while putting their fingers and bodies into position, to "let's fly to Disneyland today" (as they are doing their butterfly stretches. There are also sweet crafts and plenty of princess fun.
Miss Natalie and Capri:
We can't wait to start ballet again this fall!

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

The Ludwigs were here for a few weeks and we had a fabulous time playing with our family we don't see very often. Sophie was an angel in being Capri's big sister and Karoline's babysitter. Roman loved having Lukie around, it helps not being the only boy! We spent a lot of time at Grammie's house just playing while the adults could hang out and catch up.
The weather was great and not too hot so one day we decided to hit the zoo. The kids loved it and we actually lasted quite a while. Perfect day trip!
Here they are atop the rhino statue-they may or may not have liked this the most...
The zoo has a new big sandbox full of dinosaur bones you can search for. Capri was a fan...Roman playing with the dinosaur-I swear the dinosaurs were his favorite part and I am pretty sure he thought some of them were real. ;)Roman seemed a tad nervous at first but as soon as we got going, he was thrilled and couldn't wait to do it a second time!Capri had to have the ostrich for some reason and so we made a mad dash for it...thank goodness for her AND I, we made it.The moms and their sweet babes...You can't go to the zoo without a train ride! Roman and Luke were so excited to get on and had a hard time standing on the red spot waiting there turn. They loved the it and even Capri was happy to go through the tunnel!