Sunday, November 24, 2013

Richard and Elizabeth Curtis...together at last!

I cannot believe we did it! Yes, I meant WE, not THEY. I say we because it was Annelise, Cheri and I that decided not only do we want to be family, but that Richard and Elizabeth were going to make it happen for us. Annelise deserves the most credit here. She was the one to create a Memorial Day BBQ in her green court for everyone to come…but mostly to invite the Curtis family and Elizabeth so her and Richard could finally meet. It totally worked. Richard broke up with his girlfriend within the week, friended Elizabeth on Facebook, Elizabeth asked HIM on a date, and the rest was history! These two are meant for one another, no matter how it was set up. It makes me so happy to see them so happy and I love the fact that they live so close. Yep! They live right here in Daybreak!
First up, the Rehearsal Dinner at the Joseph Smith Building. My mom, sister and I got to plan the evening and I think it was perfectly elegant. The best part of the night, however, was definitely the video Annelise had made. The siblings of Elizabeth and Richard were interviewed, danced, sang, and lip synced for the production and it was beyond hilarious! I would post it here, but then you would make fun of my music video to the Titanic song.

Seriously, how cute are they?!
Love that my new best friends became my family!
The wedding was incredible to say the least. I had never seen a wedding that could compare! Held at La Caile, it was over-the-top gorgeous. Ribbons, flowers, pinks and silks…it was just beautiful! But let's start with the most beautiful and most important part of the day, the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple…
They really couldn't have asked for better weather that May morning. The kids loved being outside as we waited for the couple's exit:

Jon is the best, always willing to play with my kids!
And here's the happy couple!

Yes, my belly became a big part of the day...pun intended.

I couldn't believe that Elizabeth wanted me, the hugely pregnant sister-in-law, to be a bridesmaid. She insisted so I was happy to go along and end up having the cutest pregnant outfit ever…multiple alterations later. ;) It really was fun to have such a big wedding party and it made for some great pictures. My girls were flower girls, Roman was a mini groomsmen-it was a cuteness explosion!

 The Curtis Clan:

Check out these little studs:
 The Beautiful Bride and her darling flower girls:

The Wedding Party:

Even better than the amazing decor, delicious food, and all together fabulous venue, was the dancing. They had a live band and we all had a blast. I tried not to go too crazy in worrying I would go into labor on the dance floor! Gross. It was so much fun though and it was the perfect way to end the perfect day!
Here is Tucker dancing with his girls...nothing more precious than that!

Wow, that was a picture overload...but how could I not add so many fabulous pictures from such a fabulous day!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The best baby shower ever...

I had 3 kids already, I definitely didn't need another baby shower. My sister and friends, however, thought differently. Not only did they throw me a very sweet shower, we all decided we were due for a weekend getaway to St. George. It was just what the doctor ordered. We spent the weekend lounging by the pool, eating delicious food, playing some tennis, taking a yoga class from our very own instructor, chatting away, and simply relaxing. Yes, it was absolutely glorious. What makes the trip that much better is this group of gals. I feel I can totally be myself with them. I can tell them anything, make a fool of myself. There is no competitiveness among us and no judgements made. Such good friends that I hope to have forever!
Our trip started out with a change of venue from Annelise's grandparents place, which is ridiculously big and nice, to my parent's place, which isn't so big and but nice enough. That's ok though, everyone was totally on board, even WITH my parents being there. My parents are so chill, everyone loves them.
So our trip was off to a great start! All we had to do was soak up every minute of girl time sans the endless errands, housework, chaperoning of our children, cooking, shopping, etc. Life is good when, instead, all we have to worry about is where to eat our next meal!
Some of my favorite moments…
Sariah is an incredible yoga instructor at Lifetime Fitness. She is insanely good. She offered to give us a class out on the tennis court one morning so, of course, we took her up on it. Let's just think about this for a moment. There I am, 35 weeks pregnant, large but not in charge of my body, and my center of gravity is nowhere to be found. It was pretty funny and thank goodness Jenn was with me in not taking it too serious! 
Tennis is too hard, but pickle ball is just right for me. Nice and slow is the way I like it. We had a lot of fun out on the courts and even my dad came out to join me in the "lesser" form of tennis.
Annelise, however, was the only one worthy of a picture..
Swig…love me a dirty diet coke and frosted peanut butter cookie.
Our yoga moves out in the pool were outstanding...
Sariah, awesome yoga instructor:
And ready-to-pop pregnant me...not quite there.
Me being the hugely pregnant friend, I definitely stood out in our group pictures. I just love this one of me in my wide, horizontal stripe tankini, and everyone else in their black bikinis. Even my dad started to sing, "One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just isn't the same." We all got a good laugh out of that one!
This is a more flattering pic for me...

Lot's of stunts, jumps, dives, and other craziness ensued at the pool...
 ...but I was good here, on my tummy, floating on my tube!
Here we are at one of my favorite eateries, 25 Main. We went there twice. Enough said.

And another favorite place for some breakfast grub, The Egg and I-it's an absolute must, especially after our workout that morning...
Awkward. Family. Photo.
I love these ladies! Thank you all so much for another fantastic getaway!

 Sariah, Eliza, Me, Cheri, Jenn and Annelise