Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bear Lake With My Girls!

An overnighter with my best was just what the doctor ordered! Nicole called me to report that her cabin (a.k.a beautiful and enormous vacation home) was available for us to use. We managed to pull it together by getting babysitters (thank you Mom and Tucker!) and work off and were on the road within a couple of days. Woo woo!
Our first stop- La Beaus of course! Yes it was 10:00pm, a bit late for food, but I managed to down some onion rings and the best ever raspberry shake. Mmmmm...
Just FYI on who's who if you haven't been reading my blog in the past-pictured below is Julie, Nicole, me, Jessica and her sweet little boy Charlie whom we all love and adore:As if we didn't have enough time to catch up on the ride to Bear Lake, we stayed up until 3 in the morning talking, laughing, and talking some more. I can't remember the last time I was awake at that hour and I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon, but it was well worth the girl time I don't normally get.The next morning, we woke up to the realization of how much we ate the night before so we decided some exercise was in order. Just a nice long and brisk walk into town...and more talking ensued. As we walked past this home, I was in shock of the thousands of gorgeous flowers surrounding it. What was more surprising, however, was the fact that this little old lady was out working and had accomplished this all on her own!I challenge you to find a more pristine and beautiful lake than Bear Lake. I also challenge you to find a colder one! We couldn't let the cold keep us from enjoying the scenery and what the lake had to offer, so we screamed all the way in until we made it safe and sound onto the raft. Once we were there and had started to dry off, life was good:
What I wouldn't give to have time to just lay out in the sun with my girlfriends-that never happens with kids anymore and there I was!Then we had to run back to the beach and there was even more screaming and running with our arms up!Mexican food in Bear Lake? What? And it's fabulous? Folks, this is Cafe Sabor and it is delicioso!Nicole was sweet enough to want to celebrate me and Jessica's birthday so she made a yummy treat (did we eat the entire time? yes, we did, and I have no regrets!) and they even sang happy birthday. Thank you!A moment out on the porch before we have to depart. As cute as we are, what is even better is the reflection of the lake and mountains you see in the windows. Wow that place is pretty!

Thank you girls for a fabulous time away and thank you Nicole for allowing us to use this incredible place. I had such a great time simply spending time with all of you and I am so excited to add this trip to the many fun memories I have of Bear Lake.

Monday, August 10, 2009

24th of July 10k

Some of the Curtis family decided to run the 24th of July 10k together. None of us are big runners by any means, but with the help of each other and some serious glucosamine for our 80 year-old knees, we did it! It was actually a lot of fun and I can finally understand why so many people enjoy racing-it really makes running exciting. I loved all the people camped out along the parade route cheering us on, some even handing out hot dogs (not really what you're in the mood for, however, while running at 7:00am), and just the overall spirit of the runners was awesome. Tucker, Cody and Richard ran ahead, while Cheri, my Dad and I kept to a leisurely pace (like a fat 10 minute mile pace) behind and that was just fine by me. What topped the race day was a trip to Kneaders for their delicious cinnamon rolls-we had totally earned it!
Before the race...nice and fresh at 6:00AM:Tucker, Alysha, Cheri, Cody, Dad and RichardWe are done and still feeling good!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mulligans Miniature Golfing

The idea of putting a long metal stick in your 2 year-old's hands may seem hazardous...and it was at times...but they were so focused on hitting that little ball vs. everything else, we all survived. Roman was pretty intense about it actually, and I had to laugh when I saw his little lips pursed together. Even Capri got into it! Austin and Sophie were such good sports. It was hard to sink that putt when you had the twins and Luke running around, picking up everyone's balls, getting in front of the hole, and simply getting in the way, but they kept at it with smiles on their faces. Good times for all!
Capri getting excited!Lining up for the shot...Austin and Lukie as happy as ever!I have never seen this look of Roman's before, but I am loving it!Capri with club and ball in hand...she carried both everywhere:Tiffany, Grammy and the kiddos: