Friday, July 5, 2013

My pregnancy story...the last of them!

I can't believe this is my last pregnancy. Crazy to think that I will never be pregnant again. I have had easy pregnancies and have truly enjoyed each of them. There is something so incredible about growing a child and actually feeling them kick and move inside. It is truly magical.  What was also particularly fun this pregnancy, was the fact that Roman, Capri and Karoline were so excited. They loved watching me grow and made several remarks regarding the size of my belly. "Mom, you are getting huge!" As cute and funny as that was, I think I will be happy to know that I don't have to get so big ever again!
Let's start with getting pregnant. I knew it was time to start trying, but Tucker needed some more convincing! After a few trips to the temple, and many prayers, we both felt we could start trying for this new addition to our family. It took 5 months or so when we finally got that positive we were hoping for! Hooray, hooray!
As soon as I found out the good news, we got some more fabulous news-Richard and Elizabeth were getting married! We were beyond excited except that they were setting their date for May 10, 6 days before my due date. I was devastated to think that I was going to possibly miss their wedding. This brings me to how we told my family. Cheri and my mom had come over trying to plan the rehearsal dinner, when all of a sudden I burst into tears. They asked me why I was crying and I had to tell them the truth. Fun way to give the good news! I know, I know, ridiculous to think that I was upset over something so trivial...I will blame it on the new mix of hormones.
The first trimester went as well as anyone could have hoped. I was a bit more sick to my stomach at times, but I never threw up and that is all that counts in my book! What was really interesting, was the fact that I wasn't going to bed at 9:00 like I had to with my other pregnancies. That may be because I have three kids and am just that much more busy, but I was grateful I wasn't so exhausted throughout those first weeks of pregnancy.
As soon as I was nearing the end of a successful first trimester, I was shocked to see that I started bleeding. We were hurrying to get ready for church when I noticed I had started to bleed. I was 14 weeks along which seemed too far for the standard spotting when first pregnant. Still, I shrugged it off as I was more focused on getting Capri's hair ready for the Primary Program. Unfortunately, I soon realized I wasn't just spotting and so I told Tucker. With how much blood I had lost in just 15 minutes, he thought I needed to go to the hospital and he was in a bit of a panic. I wasn't so nervous but I thought I better call the doctor to make sure. Things quickly escalated once my mom arrived to take the kids to church. Both her and Tucker wanted me in the ER immediately so off we went. Just after we left, the on-call doctor returned my call and let me know there was no use in going to the hospital. It sounded like I was miscarrying and there wasn't anything they could do to stop the miscarriage from occurring. The best thing I could do was to go home, lay down, and wait until the next morning to see my doctor.
Really? I was losing this baby? I had just had an ultrasound a couple of weeks before and everything was progressing perfectly. The fact that I was pregnant with a baby had just become real to me and now it looked like I was going to lose it all. I was trying desperately to stay positive, but the internet wasn't exactly helping and I was kind of expecting the worst at that point. I knew that if this was all part of His plan for me, it was something I could handle. Knowing that my Heavenly Father would never give me more than I could take gave me great comfort and it really got me through the next 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, I started to cry multiple times throughout the day and night. I was so grateful to have Tucker as my rock and my comforter. Too, I cannot tell you how many friends and ward members called and texted to let me know they were praying for me. I couldn't believe how much love these people had for me and my family and I was humbled to know I had so much support. Of course my family was more than wonderful as well. Our living arrangement may seem strange to most, but having my parents and sister right close is such a blessing, especially in such circumstances. I love them so much!
By the next morning, my bleeding had almost stopped. I still didn't know what that meant, but I was much more hopeful going into the doctor that morning than the day before. Tucker went with me and they took us back right away. The nurse came in first to find a heartbeat. When she couldn't find it, Tucker and I both thought we had received our answer. She quickly mentioned that sometimes it was hard to find a heartbeat this early, however, and went to get the doctor. Dr. Smith came in and was concerned to hear I was bleeding this late so he started with an ultrasound.
Our baby was doing well! Moving around with a strong heartbeat!! I was so happy to see our little peanut on that screen and I couldn't stop smiling!! It turns out that I have a subchorionic hemorrhage, but it isn't a concern at this point. They are somewhat common and are usually reabsorbed before the baby is at full term. Phew! I was put on light bedrest (just know exercise or major activity) for two weeks and I didn't have any bleeding again.
The second trimester came and went perfectly after that. I was growing quickly, even quicker than my other pregnancies, but I was able to stay active with no problems. We were anxious to find out the sex at this point and decided to have the reveal on Christmas Eve. Tucker and I went in for the ultrasound and let them know we didn't want to see any particular "parts" and that we just wanted to take the DVD home with us to open a week later. It was so hard not to peek! It was great to hear that our baby was developing normally and looked as healthy as can be. YAY!!! The tech could see the hemorrhage still, but it wasn't a concern as it seemed to be shrinking. Also good news.
Christmas Eve was even better this year since we were able to watch the big reveal with my whole family. The DVD started and we pointed out body parts and watched in awe as it would switch from the 2D to the 3D images-there was our baby! And it was a GIRL!!! The family was divided on whether or not it was a boy or girl, but everyone was pretty excited once we found out for sure. That is except for Roman. He wanted a baby brother and started to tear up when he heard he was having a baby sister instead. Fortunately, it was Christmas Eve and he had his favorite people around to cheer him up in the next few minutes.
I think Tucker and I were thinking a boy as well considering we only had boy names. We were now on the search for girl names and really struggling! Maybe it was because I had just gone to see the Nutcracker, but the name Clara really stuck with me from then on. Tucker did not like it at first, but after hearing the kids call our baby, Baby Clara, it started to wear on him. My plan worked because the name stuck!
The third trimester came along and with it, the worst heartburn. Other than that and the normal aches that accompany growing a baby, it went quite smoothly. I loved feeling this baby inside and she was an active little one! I didn't love it when she kicked my bladder or into my ribs, but everything else was more than welcome. She also got the hiccups all the time-so funny! We worked on getting the kids rooms organized (put the girls in bunk beds so we could fit a crib as well), got the baby clothes out, and searched for the perfect stroller-all the fun stuff! I started to measure smaller than normal, but the doctor wasn't concerned and neither was I. That meant no non-stress tests-a first for me! I even worked out longer than with either of my other pregnancies. I continued going to Zumba up until 37 weeks-I looked ridiculous but I loved it and felt good doing it. I then started doing videos at home up until 38 weeks. That was when I decided it was more important for me to make it to the wedding without going into labor than it was to get in a few more workouts. We were all anxious the week of the wedding, but not only did I make it through, I was able to dance and my fear of my water breaking on the dance floor did not come to fruition. Thank goodness! I wasn't able to wear the cute heels that went with my bridesmaid outfit, but other than that, I was feeling great considering I was less than a week away from my due date!
I was scheduled to be induced the following Tuesday, but I thought for sure I would go into labor the day after the wedding. I had started to have some cramping the previous week which I never experienced with my others. That, along with the craziness of the wedding, brought me to the conclusion that I wouldn't last til Tuesday.
Well, Monday came and I was still very pregnant. I called the hospital to see what time I should come in and was devastated to hear that I wasn't even scheduled to be induced there. What?! How did that happen? It turns out that I was unclear on how to schedule my induction at Jordan Valley, a different hospital than with my other deliveries. Fortunately, my doctor found out and called me that evening to tell me that he talked to a nurse in order to squeeze me in. He actually used the excuse that it was medically necessary considering I was measuring small (even though he really wasn't worried!). I was so grateful, I love my doctor! Tucker then quickly called his mom and took the kids over. We were so excited and decided to have a last date night before the baby and headed over to Cheri and Cody's for a movie in their theater with them and my parents. I could hardly go to sleep that night, I was so anxious! I couldn't wait to meet my baby girl...