Sunday, October 5, 2014

Now for Capri's turn in the spotlight...

Although my daughters attend the same dance studio, they were in different recitals. That meant two dress rehearsals and two recitals in a three day period. Craziness. We made it through, however, and it was completely worth it.
Capri can seem shy at times, but when she gets into a groove on stage, she opens up and really shines. She was in two ballet dances, I Dream of Jeanie and Nova. She had the cutest part in I Dream of Jeanie where her and the only boy in the class danced together. There she was, front and center, with the biggest smile on her face looking out into the audience. She had found her groove.
Her next dance was so sweet and she was beautiful. She danced as if she felt the music. I was in awe.
Back-to-back recitals and our grandparents were happy to come-they are the best!

Aunt Cheri was a trooper and brought London to watch Capri!
I couldn't be more proud!
My beautiful ballerina she will always be...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bewitched Beauty

Karoline has followed in her sister's footsteps and become quite the ballerina. Although she may rather do her own freestyle dance to the latest hits on the radio, ballet has become a fun class to attend each week. Her teacher, Miss Leslie, seemed almost too structured at first, but the girls came to love her and their dance was fabulous. All that work paid off!
Last day of class...
The dress rehearsal was hectic to say the least. It was an all-afternoon event held at Kingsbury Hall. It served as a great practice for these girls, especially considering how much bigger that stage was.
All prepped and ready in the dressing room...
Recital Time! Karoline was a star in her first performance. The theme was "Don't Touch That Dial!" and her class performed Bewitched. So dang cute. At the end of the Mini Show was the finale where all of the dancers came out to the Lego Movie theme song, "Everything is Awesome." Karoline was into it!
After the recital, everyone came out on the stairs for pictures. It was so cute to see Capri's excitement for her little sister...
So glad these two could be in a class together.
This girl has the best fans ever. Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, and Grammy!

Me and my girl. I was so proud and I wanted to cry when she got up on that stage. It was such a fun day for me!