Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Private

The title says it all-we are going private to be on the extra safe side. So, leave your email address...please! We would love to have any of you (seriously, even if you aren't on my list!) keep reading all about us, as long as we know who you are!

Backyard Buddies

I wanted to capture some of the fun my kids have just playing to their heart's content in the backyard. Some of their favorite things to do are...
Playing with the shovels-they each have one and know how to use it!Capri is really concentrating on moving the dirt from one spot to another.
I know Roman loves to play with the rocks in the firepit because he actually says the word "rock." Unfortunately, their hands are covered in black soot once they touch them!
Capri's new thing-"jumping." She squats and then shoots up trying to catch some air...but never does. She does it over and over throughout the house and outside and says "Oh!" each time. Very cute.Roman's obsession these days-opening and closing doors. He seriously can't get enough of it and absolutely loves it if someone will play with him by standing on the other side to knock for him to open the door. I think he particularly likes it when he can see you through the door!
Following in their daddy's footsteps, these kids know to listen for airplanes. Every time one flies over, they both point up to the sky and Roman will even use his hand as an airplane and pretend to fly while both of them will say "OOOOOHHHHHH."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a morning...

Yesterday was started with a morning run around my typical loop-only 3+ miles but an insane incline for half of that. I always take the kids in the jogger and they are so good to put up with my huffing and puffing and keep my spirits up by talking and pointing at things. Because of the time change and the difficulty with my kids "new" schedule, they have been waking up by 6:30am every morning. Not fun, but it got Tucker running with me and he pushes the stroller! Well, we ran the loop in my best time of 36 minutes-I know, I know, not great, but remember the hills! Knowing I was going to be on my own yesterday, I wasn't too enthusiastic about getting out the door. However, as soon as I stepped outside, the sun was shining and yet it was perfectly cool so I got going. Finished in my best time while pushing the stroller of 39 minutes. Hooray! I was so proud of myself and yet that feeling didn't compare to what I was in for next. Capri had fallen asleep, dead asleep-again with the "new" schedule! For all of you that know Capri, she is the lightest sleeper and not so much of a cuddle bug, although she has gotten much better. That is why I was so surprised that when I picked her up she actually stayed asleep on my shoulder. It may not seem like such a big deal, but Capri is never dead weight like that and it felt soooo good just to hold her. She even snuggled up onto my chest, or lack thereof, and kept nodding off. It really couldn't have been a better morning!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Surfer Dude and His Fans...

Like I mentioned in my Halloween post, my little brother Richard surprised us for the weekend. We had such a great time hanging out at the beach and watching him surf. It was too dark to get any great pictures of the guys going after the waves, but I got some great shots of everyone playing on the shore.
Richard coming in after hours of paddling...I mean surfing:
Richard and his buddy Adam:Isn't he just as cute as ever? And single!
My sweet mom and dad-don't you love that they are still cuddly?
Me and my girl:
Capri and Roman couldn't get enough of the waves coming and going:
Tuck and his boy:
Like I said, loving the water!
He wasn't quite as dry on the way home...
Capri had the luxury of wandering the beach with Grandpa close behind:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And I'm Proud to be an American...

Seriously love that song as cheesy as it is. Please don't mock me. I am proud to be an American and I am excited for Obama to lead this country as President. I watched McCain's concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech and was moved by both. It shows me that we truly are an amazing nation when we have people like these willing to take over the enormous responsibility as President of the United States, as well as the record number of voters doing what they can to make their opionions and ideals heard. I know there were some of you that were less than thrilled with the choice America made, but I feel that everyone seems to be taking a deeper interest in our goverment and country and will do what they can to support our leaders. I am sure with such spirit, we can all be excited for a fresh start come January 2009 and accomplish the new goals of this nation. Can we do it? "YES WE CAN!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween continued...

Halloween was kind of rough with Roman and Capri getting their molars-not too happy! But, we still had a great day and so check it out-the last of our Halloween festivities:
I finally got a couple of pictures with Roman and his hat ON...but he was ready to take it off!There was never a cuter kid in green argoyle!We were desperate to get a picture of Capri and even tried giving her candy...here she is eating candy.And she won't look at me-but look at her-she was born for tulle!My kids were loving the neighborhood party. So many kids in costume running around, good food and fun makes for a fabulous Halloween night! Here is Capri not sitting still for a picture-she obviously had things to do and people to see.Here is Roman and our favorite dog Lilly. My kids absolutely adore her and I feel as though they get to see her enough so I won't need to buy a dog of our own!Our friends the Windsors-cutest family and so I had to take a pic. Too bad I didn't take any other pictures of our neighbors and the party...or even my family! It was pretty hectic trying to keep track of those kids!The kids absolutely loved the trick-or-treaters and here they are trying to join them! All in all, a good night, but the pest part came when Richard showed up! Surprise! He and some friends decided to drive all the way from Utah just for the Halloween weekend. More pictures to come from a fabulous weekend with Richard in town...