Monday, July 30, 2012

Daybreak Tri

As soon as I finished Triathamom last year, I knew I wanted to do another triathlon. A real one. In a lake. Daybreak Lake to be exact. So, fall and winter came and went, and when spring was upon us, I started to train for the Daybreak Tri. To be honest, when I started to train, I was questioning myself and my ability to complete this race. I should have started training a lot earlier, and there was going to be some serious competition racing against me. However, I told myself that I didn't need to be competitive, that I could finish, and that I would be happy with whatever time I got.
In the transition area setting up. There was a couple set up next to me that was getting married that day-how cool is that?!
Race day came and I was as ready as I would ever be. Richard was racing, some guys in my ward were racing, some of my friends were volunteering, Cheri and Cody were putting the race together, and best of all, my husband biked and ran WITH me. I couldn't have asked for more support! So, I headed over to the dock with all of the other competitors and waited for my turn to jump into that ridiculously cold lake. Fortunately, I had some friends to wait with and help calm my pre-race jitters!
On my way over to the dock.
Go Time! I headed out and actually felt really good. I wasn't fast by any means, but I was at a comfortable pace and I never had that "freak out" moment that many experience during their first lake/wetsuit swim. After 800 meters, however, I was definitely ready to be out of the water. It was so great to see my friend Ashley there to greet me and then Cheri right after to run me into transition. I was smiling from ear to ear at that point!
The bike portion was next and it went so much better than I anticipated. I always get so anxious about riding along 11800th South-this road has only inches of a shoulder with loose gravel beyond that. To make matters worse, you have enormous trucks driving up to the mine alongside you and you truly feel them pull you in. SCARY! Fortunately, they had plenty of police patrolling the road and directing traffic. I felt safe, thank goodness. Tucker was now with me which made it that much easier.  We dominated those hills all the way up to the mine. We passed quite a few cyclists and were only passed on the downhill. I was so proud!
At the top of that nasty Bacchus hill.
By the time we started the run, I was tired, my legs were pretty shot, but I was so happy. I knew I was going to finish and have a great time doing it. It was probably my slowest 5k coming in at 31 minutes, but I didn't care. We passed a few runners along the way and I finished really strong. I remember seeing my sister just before the finish line and I wanted to cry-it was such a great feeling knowing I was done!
All of those morning runs, hours in the saddle, and super cold laps were worth it. I had set out to race in a second triathlon, this time the real deal, and I had accomplished just that. It feels good and I hope to compete in a third next year. Go USTrisports!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


We made it through another season of soccer! This year was much better, in fact, and the kids did great! I am sure part of that is due to them being a year older, but I think a lot had to do with the fact that they had their dad as the coach. Tucker, with no soccer experience whatsoever, did a fabulous job with these kids and they loved them. What made it even better was the fact that all of our friends had kids on the team. Every week we would meet up at the game, set out our blankets, and chat the whole time. So fun!
Us adults took it upon ourselves to decide on a team name and I am pretty sure it is the best team name there ever was...
Introducing the Blue Darts! I know, we think we are so funny! ;)
Here they are practicing before the game:
 Roman was actually having a great time-yay!
 And Capri was totally focused during practice time-just check out that tongue!
 Here is Coach getting them pumped up and ready to go:
Proof that Capri actually got in there and kicked the ball! She actually played every game which was a huge improvement over playing in 2 games last season.
 Roman throwing it in, what a natural.
 Go Team Blue Darts!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Montessori Graduation

Roman and Capri have graduated from South Jordan Montessori. I cannot believe it. They will be Kindergarteners come August and I just don't know how this came to be. But they are ready. More than ready. Both of them talk about kindergarten all the time and are so excited to go to their new school and be a Daybreak Dolphin.
We have LOVED Montessori, however, and will be so sad to leave Miss Maryanne, Miss Carol, and that magical backyard. We will miss doing works and miss seeing our friends. Such wonderful school days will be missed, but we are all looking forward to making new friends, meeting our new teacher, and learning lots more!
The twins had a darling graduation program. As soon as we walked up, Capri and Roman were there with leis for my mom and I. They then walked us back to where the ceremony would be held. It was so very grown-up! Once everyone was seated, the program began...
They were getting pretty excited...
They sang some of our favorite new songs including the continent song-Roman and Capri sing it all the time and now know all of the continents!
The whole class. Perfectly small. The boy on the top row on the very left is Miles. This sweet boy had a crush on Capri all year and would give her the cutest love notes and lots of kisses. Capri says she will marry Miles one day.
Graduation caps on!
Miss Carol, Capri, and Miss Maryanne.
When it was Roman's turn, he ran up and gave Miss Carol a hug. He really does love her!
Grandma and Grandpa were so supportive to come!
As was Grammy!
What a stud. I love this boy!
Me and my graduate.
So beautiful. I love this girl too!
Tucker and his graduate. Never mind the chocolate face-they had a lovely luncheon following the ceremony and Roman couldn't wait to dig into that chocolate cake!
Let's not forget the twin's number one fan, Karoline. She was happy to play and play in that magical backyard!
I am so proud of Roman and Capri. They have learned so much. They both received stellar report cards (straight "S's" for Strong) and both are well on their way to becoming great readers. They love reading "My First Books" and have conquered Biscuit. Capri reads Penny Loves Pink and is waiting for her CTR ring. I had told her she could get one once she read this book on her own. To my amazement, she brought me upstairs a few weeks later to read it to me. I never helped her with that one, she figured it out on her own! I love how both always look for words they can read-makes me a proud mom!
Roman must love math because his card was really full of everything he had passed off. They both love to count and we do so much counting to 100, now Koko counts pretty well! They completed their first official reports this past year as well. The school held an International Fair and each student chose a country or continent to focus on. Roman chose Italy and Capri chose Australia. They couldn't wait to put their posters together and show them off at the fair.
Most importantly, they have loved school and can't wait for more-I think they are off to a good start!