Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 Months Old!

I just can't believe it, but Roman and Capri are 9 months old. To tell you the truth, it is a bit sad for me to see them growing as fast as they are and leaving that sweet cuddly baby phase. At the same time, I can't see how any phase can be as fun as now-they are so full of personality! They are getting pretty mobile, standing up to furniture, into everything, eating big people food, and neither appreciate their mom's loves and kisses as they once did. Ok, so maybe they appreciate my love, but they are just so busy! I took them to their wellness check-up and they passed with flying colors yet again. It is crazy to think that these sweet babies were barely on the charts when they were born and now are climbing to the top of them. Here are the latest stats:

Roman James (aka chunk-a-munk)-
Weighs 21.4 lbs placing him in the 75th percentile.
Measures 17.7 inches in head circumfrence placing him in the 50th percentile.
And measures 30.1 inches long which places him above the 97 percentile!
Capri Kennedy (aka twinkle toes)-
Weighs 18.1 lbs placing her in the 45th percentile.
Measures 17.5 inches in head circumfrence placing her in the 75th percentile.
And measures 27.9 inches long which places her in the 75th percentile (but she is always on her toes to give her another inch or so!).
So, they have come a long way from their respective 5lbs 2oz and 4lbs 12oz weights when they were born.

The twins have all sorts of tricks now and are constantly exploring and learning new things. You can't take them anywhere without the both of them grabbing at everything, staring at everything and eating everything-they have to know everything about everything! This creates a problem when we are at church for three hours-boredom sets in quickly unless given the opportunity to explore the woman's shoes, the chairs that are being used by others and the carpet including the sketchy stains. What always entertains them, however, are the many primary kids playing outside. Roman gets so excited and I know he can't wait until he can join the jumping and running around.
Capri has a favorite game of peek-a-boo and will use blankets, tablecloths, rags and even the ottoman she has to crawl around just to play. The best is when her and Roman play. She crawls around the corner and back to be sighted and then hidden. Roman just sits there and laughs with his arms flailing he is so excited.

This is one of the greatest moments in having twins. Roman and Capri are getting to be such great friends and love each other's company. Since we have been here in Salt Lake this week, they have become reaquainted with their old cribs and now see them as play areas (which isn't the greatest when they need to go down for naptime) and have so much fun trying to pull themselves up. Yesterday I went to check on them after I had put them down for naps and Roman was just laughing as Capri had climbed up and was looking at him through the slats.

As I mentioned earlier, they are loving big people food. Unfortunately, this means that when I try and feed them their nasty pureed stuff, it requires some serious effort. Everyone joins in the fun in trying to entertain the twins while they eat. Plenty of singing and dancing going on-we sometimes feel like Clayton Entertainers, but no offense to all of you performers out there! I have to admit that they are improving and now may need just a toy (or the favorite-a lid) to get the breakfast, lunch and dinner down.

Let's see, how can I make this post longer. Oh, Roman, my sweet little boy, has his first double ear infection. He has been such a trooper dealing with all of the congestion, coughing, aching and snotty messes. Oh wait, that is me that is dealing with the snotty messes! I am just praying that Capri doesn't get so bad. This is one of the not so great moments for twins-they share everything including colds.

One last thing and I promise I will be done. I have to acknowledge some major developments. As you know, Capri has been using her army crawl since she was 6 months old and doesn't really see the need to get her belly off the floor. I can't blame her, I didn't even get on my knees; instead, I would scoot around on my bum! Well, Roman can't stand the idea of Capri getting around so fast and so he is determined to start crawling, belly up and all, first. He has made a few crawls, but usually ends up scooting himself backwards. This can be frustrating as he furthers himself from his desired toy, but he keeps trying and I can't wait until he is cruising on all four! Also, Capri has stood for the first time! She pulled herself up to the ottoman and let go for a bit. I am telling you, she will do anything to be as tall as her little brother!

Well, that is all for now-sorry about the journal post, but I hope the pictures helped!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ford's Were Here

Cheri and Cody came to visit over the weekend and we had a great time. Roman and Capri love their aunt Cheri and her famous bunny hop. That is the one thing that will always get them laughing! We have somewhat taken up rock climbing at these indoor gyms so we took the whole family. Too bad Tucker had to leave for work just as we got there-on a Saturday! We had a lot of fun scaling those walls and doing our best not to let go! Way to go to Curtis Clan! Cheri and I ready to go!
On Sunday the fog set in and it was freezing so we bundled up (ok, so probably 62 degrees but we are wusses now) and headed to the beach. It was gorgeous to see the mist along the coastline and we found lots of neat seashells.
Despite the chill in the air, Roman and Capri were happy to take a stroll.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Talking Twins

Roman and Capri jibber-jabber all the time now and I can't get enough of it. We tell ourselves that they are saying mama and dada, but mostly just a smattering of sounds. Tucker and I woke up this morning to hear the two of them talking to each other. They were so content in their cribs just going on back and forth for an hour! I hate that I didn't get it recorded but hopefully I will catch them again soon.
The only thing that might be a contender for sweetest moments is how Roman puts himself and Capri to sleep by singing. The other day I put them down for a nap and Capri started crying so I went in to sing her a song and calm her down. Well, as soon as I was done singing and starting to walk out, she started crying again. By the time I had made her a bottle, Roman had started singing and both were asleep within minutes. Aaaahhh.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

San Diego Zoo

Are these guys excited to be here or what?!Richard had Katelan Buehner here for the weekend and so we decided to check out the famous San Diego Zoo. What an incredible place-the animals, landscaping and overall feel is spectacular! The babies must have liked it because they were absolute angels the entire time despite going without their nap. We had such a great time and are excited to be season pass holders so that we can go back soon! My cute parents-they are the best to come along!
This is Richard and Katelan in front of the panda which we saw eating and pooping-fun stuff!
The Nielson Family enjoying our beautiful day at the zoo together.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The One-Year Mark

A few months ago I had published a post about my brother Dave. He passed away a year ago today and I can't believe how much I still miss him. Who wouldn't?! Dave was a friend to everyone and was always out for a good time. Living life to the fullest by playing hard, working just enough and playing harder. He developed so many friendships and inspired so many and I am so proud to have him as a brother. Having the gospel and the knowledge of His plan gives us such comfort and I think because of this, we are all doing so well. Dave, we love you and are thinking about you always. "Keepin the Dreams Alive! "

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Pumpkin Patch!

Just because we weren't home for the holiday, didn't mean we weren't going to have fun. I had to pull some teeth to get the boys going, but we all had a great time carving pumpkins, eating chili in bread bowls, making rice krispie treats and giving candy to our one trick-or-treater. Yes, only one and he was much too old to be out. The best part was of course dressing up my little pumpkins. I had bought these fabulous Gymboree costumes for them months ago and left them in Utah knowing there wasn't going to be much reason of dressing them up this year. Instead I went for cozy and comfy in matching sweat outfits. Plus, anything is cute when there is two of them! Take a look at our little pumkin patch...