Thursday, June 24, 2010


These were taken a month ago, but I had to post just a few from my little photo shoot with Karoline:

Karoline has been such a delight. She is rolling from her tummy to her back, is all smiles, laughs for her siblings (is there anything that sounds better than a baby laughing?), loves to eat her hands, tries to hold her bottle, coos, and now grabs her toes. Her favorite thing still is to be talked and sung to. She has been incredibly alert from day one and really doesn't want to miss out on any of the action around her. I swear she could sit and watch Roman and Capri play all day. This may be the reason why she won't sleep during the day. I am lucky if she sleeps for more than 30 minutes for each nap...Karoline taking cat naps leads to a very unproductive mom! Thankfully she is sleeping great at night, usually from 9:00pm til about 5 or 6:00am. She then eats for 10 minutes and then is back to sleep for another couple of hours. I feel like a new woman getting sleep like that! Karoline is also starting to take a bottle really well now which means I can leave her with others. I left her with Tucker tonight and I was loving the evening out at my sister's baby shower, so nice. I wonder, however, if I can continue this pattern of nursing in the morning, evening, and once or twice during the day. Will my milk dry up if I'm not nursing every time? Feedback please.
Anyway, life is good, extra good with this little one.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

St. George

When I woke up to snow on that crazy day in May, I needed to get out and run to somewhere warm. So with 3 days before the long Memorial weekend, I planned a trip to St. George. It was very spontaneous, but such a great trip with our little family.
One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing one of my best friends Amy. Her and I grew up together as our families were very close and we have some of the greatest memories. Unfortunately, I never see her anymore now that she lives down south so this was a real treat to catch up and watch our kids have fun together.
Her oldest, Brianna, was so cute with Capri and the two really hit it off. I love this picture of them with Brianna squatting down to Capri's level and Capri's hand on her shoulder...
The first day we were there, we went to Hidden Valley Park that had an awesome splash pad and the best type of play equipment out there-shaded! Roman was having a blast and I think you can see it in his face...

Capri was a huge fan of the swings...surprise, surprise!
In the hotel room (aka "the tiny house")-wow, I have three kids!
On Saturday evening, Amy invited us over to her place for dinner. It was so great to have the kids playing outside while the adults could have a few minutes to chat and eat. Ice cream was had by all and enjoyed by all...
Audrey, Roman, Brianna and Capri
As you know, Roman is still working on his verbal skills. Quin, Amy's son, has autism and doesn't speak much at all so when these two got together, there was this mutual understanding of one sweet...
Me and my munchkin...
We ended up going back to the park the next day for more wear-yourself-ragged kind of play. It got pretty warm so when the ice cream truck came by, Tucker and I totally caved and bought ridiculously expensive orange cream bars...totally worth it!
Karoline was an angel on this trip! I couldn't believe how easy it was to bring her along, especially considering she slept in her car seat at night. She was such a trooper and we thoroughly enjoyed having her along...
She loves her daddy and to have him for three days was absolute heaven.
The new favorite toy in our house is Tucker's iPhone. You would think we would ban it during vacation time, but we gave in-I know, we are awesome in the discipline area. Capri wouldn't even look up for a picture, she just smiled and continued to play...
We had such a nice getaway in the sun, reunion with friends, and all around a great time with our kids!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My favorite things to hear...

*Capri's new saying, "Oh my gosh, gracious!" or even, "Oh my gosh, gracious, goodness!"
*"Holy Cow!"
*Roman's "big truck" song that he makes up every time! Oh, and he actually says truck now instead of "cuck," this is great progress!
*Capri singing all day everyday. Some of her favorites are "I Love to See the Temple," the "heart song" which is actually Barney's, "I love you" song, Tarzan's, "You'll Be in my Heart," and "You are My Sunshine."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We don't call her fattycakes for nothing!

Karoline is growing way too fast and I simply can't get enough of her...or those cheeks! We love the extra chub wherever we can get it so her cheeks, thighs, shoulders and bum are very much adored. I was reading C Jane's blog and she wrote, "What is it about motherhood that brings out the cannibalism in us?" I couldn't agree more, Tucker and I both love to eat her up!
Karoline at 2 months old:
She is not a fan of tummy time so I was surprised she was as content as she was here:
Karoline at 2 months and 1 week-in her swing while I was taking a shower (part of the routine and she actually loves the sound of the water and my blow dryer!):
You can really see the chub chub here on Karoline at 2 months!
Karoline at 6 weeks-not a great picture, but one of her first great smiles caught on camera: