Thursday, January 31, 2008

Babies in diapers...

What is it about babies and nudity? Roman and Capri would love to be naked 24/7 if allowed. As soon as I get them undressed, they are bursting with energy and are as happy as can be. It is as if their clothes were suffocating them! Their bibs must be attacking them because they take them off with such intensity as soon as I put them on-and yes, I have tried every type of bib fastener and even those that pull on and off. When I try to get them dressed, both Roman and Capri squirm and kick to prevent such a crime to be committed! Anyway, I wanted to show some photos of the twins in their diapers and realized I haven't taken any recent ones-I will get right on that. For now you will need to take a look at this video. Most of it is of Capri, but don't worry, we have one of Roman-it's just too long to post. Once I figure out how to edit that, I will post some key pieces. Enjoy!
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Babies in Diapers

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Great Man, Our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley

Our beloved Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, has passed away at the age of 97. Once I received word, I started to cry as I was deeply saddened that such an amazing man was gone. I know I shouldn't be too surprised, but I wasn't quite ready for him to go, which is terribly selfish of me. I really am so happy for him as he is reunited with the love of his life, he sweet sweet wife. What an arrival for such a great man in heaven and I would like to think that my brother David was apart of such an event. We all loved him as a grandpa and I knew he loved all of us. He was an incredible speaker, had a wonderful sense of humor, and worked hard for our church.  I am grateful for his example of service and dedication to the LDS Church and many others in need and hope to make him proud.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Twins' Tricks

A short clip to show off a few of Roman and Capri's many talents. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Play time

Happy New Year! What did we do on the first day of 2008? Let's just say that I hope the first day doesn't determine how you will spend the year. We had just driven home through the night so we spent the day not working out, catching up on some sleep, staying at home and not even getting ready (notice Roman still in his pajamas!) At least someone had to get dressed up...
Capri's favorite game of peek-a-boo!

A love of books, like father like son.
How cute is he with those long eyelashes-no fair!
One happy girl at home.They have tons of toys, but they are sticking with the spoons...
I promised pictures and I delivered! It has taken me awhile I know, I haven't paid enough attention to my blog. Instead, I have been excited about getting my scrapbooks started. Roman and Capri will be one year old next month and I hadn't even started so here's to catch up! Digi-scrapping has been the answer to my prayers as it is so much faster (plus, I can create one page and print it for both babies), convenient (you don't need a whole room packed with supplies, just a computer), cheaper (tons of stuff for free out there), and your options are endless in manipulating the pictures and layouts. Adobe Photoshop is my new friend. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Highlights from the year 2007

Again I am stealing a post idea from my sister-in-law Mindy. She has her master's degree from Stanford, can anyone blame me? So here it goes, reflecting on the year 2007...
Tucker~What an exciting year for Tucker and his work! After working at Goldman Sachs for eighteen months, Tucker took a job as Vice President for National Expansion with a new developing company RF Check. It is the same company that my dad has worked to create so we were especially excited to take the offer. As a bonus, this new job meant a move to sunny San Diego which we have thoroughly enjoyed. Tucker has also become a new Dad to Roman and Capri and is absolutely adored by both. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband and father to my children as he has been incredible in helping to take care of these two babies.
Alysha~This year has been the most life-changing year for me as I became a mother of twins. No one can prepare you for such a job, nor can they prepare you for how much you are going to love these children. I have never felt so blessed and still cannot get over how much I love and adore Roman and Capri. Those first six weeks were a blur, but since then the time has flown by and I get a bit upset sometimes thinking that they are growing up way too fast! Being a mother is my new passion and I can't imagine doing anything else. I feel so grateful that I am able to take care of these two beautiful children.
Roman~What a little boy can learn in ten months. This little guy, aka our little tough guy, the tank, chunk-a-munk and Romano Man, has grown from five pounds two ounces to twenty-two pounds and four ounces. As mentioned in a previous post, he is also above the ninety-seventh percentile in heigth. So, what has Roman been up to-GROWING! He has also learned so many fun tricks like saying dada, clapping, pulling himself up to his knees, waving, climbing up stairs (much to his mother's dismay), and crawling at ridiculous speeds. He is a great eater, loves to laugh. and despite the two double ear infections he has dealt with, is very healthy. Oh, and his curls are to die for!
Capri~This sweet girl, aka sweet pea, twinkle toes, bright eyes and Capreezy Weezy, has a smile for everyone. She has lost some of her best chub as she is constantly on the move, but is still growing to be eighteen pounds five ounces and in the seventy-fifth percentile for height. She has come along way since her birth of four pounds twelve ounces. Capri has also learned how to clap, say dada (what am I, chopped liver!), climb the stairs, cruise on her hands and knees, and pull herself up to standing. She especially likes to stand up in her crib and walk from side to side depending on where Roman is. And yes, they still love to play in their cribs, laughing nonstop when they are supposed to be taking a nap. What am I to do-it is way too cute to interupt! Capri has had just one double ear infection and looks to be very healthy as well. She still has her fiery side which we love!
Tucker and I are so grateful for such a wonderful year. We are blessed with the gospel and with incredible friends and family and thank all of you for conrtibuting to such a great 2007. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope this hasn't been a bore and I promise to add pictures soon.