Monday, August 31, 2015

What else happened in February?

A few things to note this month.
Very exciting day for Capri-she got her ears pierced! And so did I! I had always told Capri that when she turned 8 she could get her ears pierced. Her birthday was right around the corner and we just happened to be at the mall with both grandmas so it just had to be the day! I hadn't worn earrings in years so mine had completely grown in. I went ahead and took the plunge with her. So fun to share something simple but special with this sweet daughter of mine!
Clara learned how to fold her arms and it's just about the cutest thing ever.
Karoline came in and asked if I had any old hats. This girl loves her crafts and projects and I was so curious what she was going to come up with. Not too long after I handed her an old hat of mine, she came back into the bathroom with her newest creation/invention. It was a "Snack Hat!" "See mom, when you go to the zoo and you need some treats, you just grab them from here!" She is my creative genius!
School field trip to the Sweet's Candy Factory. Since Capri was off track, she got to join us!

Remember back when Karoline was in the ER for possibly taking my grandma's pills? Well now it was Clara's turn! We were at my parent's house (again), and Clara had wondered into my parent's room. What she was doing in there, we didn't know. I had brought her home and put her down for a nap when my mom comes in, pills in hand. They had been spread over the carpet in her room and one was wet. It looked like Clara had gotten into my dad's nightstand drawer where he kept a Ziploc baggie of medicine he took on trips. It usually contained Tylenol and that was what the wet pill was. I called Poison Control and sure enough, they asked me to bring her into the ER. I was in tears at this point. How could I have let this happen again! Too, I was almost positive that she hadn't actually eaten any of them. I bet she put it in her mouth, realized it was bitter, and spit it out. Unfortunately, there was no way to be sure so in to the ER we went. My dad felt so awful and so he came with me.

With Karoline being as amazingly tough as she was in getting her shots and blood drawn (didn't ever shed a tear), I didn't think it possible to have another daughter as tough. I was wrong. Clara had an IV put in without crying a single tear! I couldn't believe it and nor could the doctor or nurses. That made me feel a little bit better at least! A few hours later, the results showed that nothing had been ingested. Thank goodness! It was so nice to know we wouldn't have to stick around overnight like we had with Karoline. Clara got her IV removed and we got out of there...
Love this little munchkin of mine and I am so glad she was ok!

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