Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Karoline!

It was Koko's turn next for a fabulous birthday. She isn't into any normal theme such as Disney, princesses, fairies, etc., so we came up with a Rainbow Birthday! Karoline has always been my little crafter that loves to paint so paint we did. We had Isla, London, Sarah, Camille, and Naomi all come to join in on the festivities...
The invitation:
And if the invite isn't cute enough, check out all of these fun decorations...

The house is ready, now let's party! Face paint is a favorite in our house, especially with my girls. I found the most incredible face painter, Kat, and she got started as soon as the girls arrived. 

As she was painting each girl, the rest of the group did their own painting. They each had a canvas to create a rainbow masterpiece. They painted and then glued cotton balls on for the clouds. It was fun to see what these cute girls came up with!
Up next were the rainbow necklaces. With rainbow colored pony beads, the girls came up with their own patterns and colors to construct darling necklaces they could wear home.
Once we were all done crafting, it was cake time! But this wasn't any old birthday cake, it was the most incredible rainbow cake creation anyone has ever seen!!! My amazingly talented neighbor Amber made it and I couldn't believe how well it turned out. We were all blown away with the 5-layer cake that was frosted with perfection. Each layer was a color to create the rainbow on the inside to make things that much cooler! We topped it off with rainbow candles that burned flames in color-crazy!

Presents were last but definitely not least. Karoline was so excited and kept giving hugs to her friends and cousins. 

Seeing how happy she was with her best buddies made it all worth it. Karoline is such a good friend to everyone around her. She loves to explore, create, craft, engineer, and play, play, play. She is always on the hunt for a good box, special paper, normal paper, sticks, or anything else that she might need for her next project. And I love that she calls them projects. Karoline talks like an adult, talks a lot, and talks with some kind of trucker accent. She is very curious and that drives a lot of the talking and questioning. She is one smart cookie and is already reading, I am so proud! Karoline is so very sweet, sensitive, and is always trying to be brave. I love this girl so much and can't believe I am so lucky to be her mom. It's been such a wonderful 5 years and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for this mini-me of mine. 

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