Sunday, August 30, 2015

Roman and Capri are Baptized...

Roman and Capri had an extra special birthday this year. They got to be baptized on their birthday, February 21st, 2015. I am so happy that they made this decision to be baptized. Both have grown up and learned so much this past year and I knew they were ready. The way they talk about their Primary or Sunday School lessons tells me that they really do believe in becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Tucker and I explained to them that although the baptism ordinance is a cleansing of one's sins, that they are already clean because they haven't been held responsible for their choices. However, we know that Jesus Christ, as perfect as he was, was also baptized and it is important for us to follow his example. Now that they are at the age of accountability, they will need to remember to make the right choice and repent if they make the wrong choice. It was amazing to see them grasp this concept and be so eager to be baptized.
As we approached the day of their baptism, I was in such a panic to get everything ready and have everything go according to planned. The day came, however, and I let it all go. I was so overcome with a sense of peace and the Spirit was so strong. We hurried to get pictures done before the meeting started and then it was time.
Bishop Badger conducted the meeting and I have to mention how much we all love him. He is so dear, so humble, but he can also be funny and very outgoing. So glad he was able to be apart of this special day! Tucker was up first and he spoke on baptism. I think everyone got teary as he bore his testimony, speaking directly to his children. He wanted them to know how proud of them he was that they were following Christ's example. That if they ever needed help knowing what choice to make, that they could look back at their baptism and see that they followed Christ's example then, and that they could follow his example now in making that choice. He also said he was so happy to finally get to baptize someone seeing as how he never accomplished that on his mission. Two points on the scoreboard for Tucker!
After Tucker spoke, all of the grandkids and friends got up to sing "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus." It followed Tucker's talk perfectly and the kids were angels as they sang. We hadn't practiced at all and yet it turned out wonderfully! I have always loved that song and was so glad we worked it into the program last minute.
Next it was time for the actual baptism. As Tucker took Roman down into the font, with Capri and I on the other side, I felt the spirit so strong. It continued as he then baptized Capri right after. Everything was right with the world at that moment. I was so overjoyed and my testimony strengthened. I knew now more than ever that this was the true church and that baptism was the first saving ordinance to return to our Heavenly Father. A forever family we will be!
While Tucker and I got the kids ready, Cheri had everyone write down their thoughts and feelings on slips of paper for Roman and Capri. This was the best idea! The slips were all compiled into books for Roman and Capri to keep and read through. They have both done this several times since.
Once we came back in with the twins, Keith spoke on the Holy Ghost. He did such good job and let them know that everyone can have the Spirit with them, but now they will be given the constant companion of the Holy Ghost as long as they choose to listen. They were then given the most beautiful blessings along with their confirmations by Tucker. I was never so proud to have a husband worthy of the Priesthood. He will continue to be a strength to them and the rest of our family and for that I am so very grateful.
Cheri, as their aunt and their Primary President, got to welcome them as the newest members of our Church. She told them that they are going to be "fighting the army (or ninjas!) of Satan" and so they need to always remember to Choose the Right! 
It was the perfect program and the fact that it was all just for my twins made it that much more special.
I wanted to document everyone that came and supported the twins. Unfortunately, the photo conditions were less than ideal so we got a lot of squints! Too, I am sad we didn't have time to get pictures of our friends that came, the Bonds, Ross', and our Bishop and his wife Kim Badger.

Everyone came over to our home after for Waffluv, my absolute favorite, a game truck to celebrate the twins' birthday, and to hang out and visit. The kids were beyond excited about the game truck (we really didn't see them while it was here!), and the adults were just as excited about the waffles. It was a happy day for all!

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