Monday, August 31, 2015

President's Weekend at the Condo

The weekend couldn't have gone better down in St. George. We took full advantage of the sunshine and temperatures near 70.
First up, one of our favorite hikes at Red Cliffs near Leads. I never tire of this hike because of the gorgeous red rock, plenty of nooks and crannies for the kids to find, and the pools at the end are the perfect destination.
We made it! My kids are so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa along for the hike!
Love these canyons! You can barely see Tucker on the rope alongside the rock.
Tucker's view from the top of the pools looking down!
My parents are still fun and adventurous!

Their favorite new spot!
Despite his terrible knee pain, my dad comes along, trekking poles in hand. He is such a great sport!
We got home from our hike and the kids were still rearing to go so away we went on a bike ride. The condo is near the perfect biking/running trail and it's so nice to know that we don't have to worry about cars as we pedal around. The twins are getting to be stronger bikers every trip...
We biked along the trail and then stopped at Bloomington Park on the way back. The kids played while we took a selfie...
And to top the day off, we took the kids to Swig for snow cones and cookies!
The next day started with all of us out on the tennis courts. Tucker was trying to teach Karoline how to ride a bike and I was hitting balls with Roman. Capri and Clara were happy to ride scooters and run around.

That afternoon was spent hiking in Pioneer Park. Roman was excited to go through the Crack again so Jon and I joined him...
This girl discovered sand...and got really dirty...
My little hiking buddies...
This one loves to find caves for crawling and climbing!
Heading to Dixie Rock...

We made it! Roman and his twin and favorite uncle Jon.
I am so very happy to have married someone that loves the outdoors as much as I do!
The City of St. George in the background.
With the kids all dirty from hiking, we decided to cool off and clean up a bit at the Main Street Splash Park!
And then we soon realized they weren't going to get any cleaner-just look at Clara's legs!
They all had lots of fun, especially when we met up with Elizabeth's sister's family!

Our last day was spent going to church and then heading over to the Hidden Valley Park. I think Clara was enjoying herself on the swings...

Wow, another great St. George trip for the books!

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